SAT Math Lessons

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In this course, the MIT alums from Brainy Flix give 70 video lessons on SAT Math Lessons. Some of the topics covered are: Triangles, Circles and Squares, Word Problems, Algebra Quadratics, Exp/Roots, Absolute Values and Inequalities, Direct Variation, Functions and Graphs, Integers, Factors and Multiples, Percentages, Ratios, Sequences, Combinations, Coordinate Geometry, Mean, Median, Mode, Probability, Sets, and many more.

SAT Math Lessons

Coordinate Geometry (Part 1).

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Triangles (Part 1) Play Video
2 Triangles (Part 2) Play Video
3 Triangles (Part 3) Play Video
4 Triangles (Part 4) Play Video
5 Triangles (Part 5) Play Video
6 Triangles (Part 6) Play Video
7 Circles & Squares (Part 1) Play Video
8 Circles & Squares (Part 2) Play Video
9 Circles & Squares (Part 3) Play Video
10 Geometry Wrap Up (Part 1) Play Video
11 Geometry Wrap Up (Part 2) Play Video
12 Geometry Wrap Up (Part 3) Play Video
13 Word Problems (Part 1) Play Video
14 Word Problems (Part 2) Play Video
15 Word Problems (Part 3) Play Video
16 Word Problems (Part 4) Play Video
17 Subbing in Numbers (Part 1) Play Video
18 Subbing in Numbers (Part 2) Play Video
19 Subbing in Numbers (Part 3) Play Video
20 Algebra Quadratics, Exponents/Roots and Simultaneous Equations (Part 1) Play Video
21 Algebra Quadratics, Exponents/Roots and Simultaneous Equations (Part 2) Play Video
22 Algebra Quadratics, Exponents/Roots and Simultaneous Equations (Part 3) Play Video
23 Algebra Quadratics, Exponents/Roots and Simultaneous Equations (Part 4) Play Video
24 Absolute Values & Inequalities (Part 1) Play Video
25 Absolute Values & Inequalities (Part 2) Play Video
26 Absolute Values & Inequalities (Part 3) Play Video
27 Algebra: Direct Variation & Rate Equation (Part 1) Play Video
28 Algebra: Direct Variation & Rate Equation (Part 2) Play Video
29 Algebra: Direct Variation & Rate Equation (Part 3) Play Video
30 Algebra: Direct Variation & Rate Equation (Part 4) Play Video
31 Functions & Graphs (Part 1) Play Video
32 Functions & Graphs (Part 2) Play Video
33 Functions & Graphs (Part 3) Play Video
34 Functions & Graphs (Part 4) Play Video
35 Integers (Part 1) Play Video
36 Integers (Part 2) Play Video
37 Integers (Part 3) Play Video
38 Number Line (Part 1) Play Video
39 Number Line (Part 2) Play Video
40 Factors & Multiples (Part 1) Play Video
41 Factors & Multiples (Part 2) Play Video


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sam wrote 2 years ago.
it is very useful and helpful

mony wrote 3 years ago.
i need the rest of the courses like co ordinate

victor wrote 3 years ago.
i like your last comment,"keep working hard, keep
studying. explicit

kareem hossam wrote 3 years ago.
this video is very good

chad wrote 3 years ago.

Minti wrote 4 years ago.
These videos are really helpful. They are quick and full of
useful information. Just by watching and working out a few
problems for each section really helps. Thanks for

Ishtiaq wrote 4 years ago.
These question are very easy and hope everybody will easily
do it. Please show us difficult question with help us to
increase our knowledge. Some tips you are giving in lesson
are so important. Thanks for that. Keep it up

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