D-Day To Berlin (2004) BBC

Episode 2 - Allies at War (3/6)

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Video Description

Episode 2 - Allies at War

The battle for the beaches had been won, and the narrow sliver of French coastline gained on D-Day was slowly extending. But the optimism born of the successful D-Day landings quickly began to fade as the Allies confronted a skilful enemy who was determined to throw them back into the sea. British troops became trapped in a terrible battle of attrition reminiscent of the grim battles of the First World War.

Sixty thousand men were killed or wounded in the first three weeks of the campaign. By the end of June a million men were caught in a grim struggle in the wheat fields and hedgerows of Normandy. Monty was obliged to crack down on a strange new sickness that appeared to be gripping his men – 'Tiger Fever' - as they faced the Germans' superior Tiger tanks.

It was not Allied ground forces that finally broke Hitler's elite SS divisions in Normandy but Allied air power. By the end of August 1944, Allied victory seemed assured.

Rommel had... (read more)

Documentary Description

It was the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving over 156,000 troops. But how did it really feel to take part in D-Day?

Based entirely on historical fact and veterans' stories, this two-hour drama tells first hand the untold and extraordinary tales of the everyday men and women who made D-Day possible. Using archive footage, drama reconstruction, profiles of key historic figures, in addition to interviews with surviving English, American, French and German veterans, the film maps the events that led up to the most historic invasion in history and allows viewers to experience something of the courage, terror and carnage of the battle itself.

Each character featured has a part to play in the narrative - their individual stories merging as the assault on the Normandy beaches begins - thereby piecing together the vast jigsaw of planning, events, tragic heroism and lucky coincidences that encompass D-Day.

D-Day brings to life not only key military leaders such... (read more)


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