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Created with the goal to provide a free online school, CosmoLearning (CL) is a non-profit educational website committed to improving the quality of homeschooling, teaching and student excellence.
Collecting the top educational videos on the web, generously offered by hundreds of universities, educators, and professionals, we share their passion for teaching by providing a platform for world-class education free of charge. CosmoLearning project offers a platform dedicated to all these individuals to post their materials for free. Always crediting the original educators and institutions, we encourage users to show their gratitude and donate directly to the original creators. We strive to make CosmoLearning the best place for educators to display their contributions to education, helping them to reach millions of students from around the world.


In 2006, two siblings – Gab (15) and Rafa (12) - started to look for valuable educational content on the web to help improve their performance in science class. They found numerous video lectures and books available dispersedly, in sites like YouTube and Guttenberg, and decided to organize the content in a friendly environment for their own use. Months later, they created a website to help other colleagues eventually looking for the same information. In July 2007, they started CosmoLearning, helping not only classmates but also thousands of homeschoolers, undergraduates, teachers and professionals in all areas.

Founded with the objective to provide free access to learn from the world's top scholars, CosmoLearning gathers and organizes educational content in an intuitive environment. Our goal is to develop an innovative interface to discover and learn from new academic content. By using the latest technology in web development, we shrive to create a friendly and knowledgeable user interface optimal for learning, giving you the freedom to choose what you learn and how you learn. At CosmoLearning, we believe education benefits our society, especially when accessed by anyone willing to expand their horizons. For us, freedom to learn means freedom to choose.

CosmoLearning was created for everyone who shares our passion for learning. We encourage you to explore our website and participate in our online community, and continue helping us find new ways to make learning more accessible for everyone.


We believe anyone in the world is entitled to a free education of the highest quality. With the increasing availability of thousands of free video lectures by the world's top scholars and independent contributors, we chose to devote our time and energy to share as much free educational content available on the Web as possible, bringing to our users a friendly and intuitive environment for learning. At the same time, we will fully promote and give credit to the original producers and institutions, making use only of their material already available under public domain.

Mission Statement

To collect educational and cultural resources to create a
free online school, empowering people with access to a world-class education at no cost.


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