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Documentaries, now playing near you

by rafa, 7 years ago.

As you may have noticed, CosmoLearning has now a new feature that allows you to watch full-length documentaries. This is a great new step in our site, for it allows new subjects such as Archaeology and Anthropology to have rich academic content. By the way, we just added priceless series of documentaries such as Cosmos, The Ascent of Man, The Elegant Universe and many more. There are countless documentaries available for free on video hosting sit... (see more)

Culinary: The CIA on CosmoLearning

by rafa, 7 years ago.

Are you hungry? Well, guess what? We have just released a new section called Culinary. Enjoy it! Our first course is from the CIA. Well, not that CIA. I mean The Culinary Institute of America. Some video lectures have recipes in their descriptions. The first course - "Culinary Intelligence" - was added today. Check it out! We hope you'll like it!Bon appetit!-Rafa-

A New Look, Topics and HD Videos

by gab, 7 years ago.

As you might have noticed, YouTube has now made available an HD option for viewing certain videos, which is pretty cool since now you can also access this brand new feature on CosmoLearning.    We have recently introduced a new way of viewing video lectures. A description of a video lecture can now be seen along with a description of the course, and we have also changed the design of this section to be more accessible as well as more appealing ... (see more)

Browser Compatibility

by gab, 8 years ago.

Many users have complained that CosmoLearning is incompatible with some web browsers, especially with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. That being said, let me take a few moments to list which browsers work best with CosmoLearning and discuss why we recommend you to update your browser to its latest version.CosmoLearning works best with the following browsers:Apple Safari 3 or newer: runs great on CosmoLearning, since it supports text shadow effects... (see more)

External Links

by gab, 8 years ago.

Today we are pleased to announce a new feature in the site called External Links. As of today, most educational subjects will have an External Links section, where you can find many links to different websites on the topic of your choice.There are countless of other educational websites available on the Web. One of the most prominent is the MIT OpenCourseWare program, an initiative by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology to offer... (see more)

Introducing the Books Application

by gab, 8 years ago.

We are very excited to introduce a new feature on CosmoLearning called Books. This application allows users to find written works on every subject on the site. We will first start with books on the English Language section. You can now find short stories, poems, songs and much more. We are working hard to offer you full chapter-based books, such as classical novels and Shakespearian plays. The application can currently offer only short texts, but... (see more)

RSS Feeds

by gab, 8 years ago.

If you have been to before, you have probably noticed a few small changes on the homepage that were made today. First, there is a new box called "Fresh From The Blog" displaying the latest 5 blog posts from this blog. And there are also small blue icons that read RSS in white. These are news feeds, an easy way to receive updates from a website such as this one. So today we are finally introducing RSS feeds.What is RSS anyway?RSS... (see more)

A First Post

by gab, 8 years ago.

Welcome to CosmoBlog! We are very excited to finally enroll our own blog. We will be updating this blog frequently to keep you fresh on the newest features and improvements to the website. For those still new to CosmoLearning, let me take a brief moment to introduce you to the mission and purpose of this website.CosmoLearning was founded with the goal of providing free education from the world's most reliable scholars. Our goal is to gather educa... (see more)