Homework Help for Single Variable Calculus

Course Description

This calculus course covers differentiation and integration of functions of one variable, and concludes with a brief discussion of infinite series. Calculus is fundamental to many scientific disciplines including physics, engineering, and economics.

Homework Help for Single Variable Calculus
Secant approximation mathlet from the d'Arbeloff Interactive Math Project. Image courtesy of Haynes Miller, Heidi Burgiel, and J.-M. Claus.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01sc-single-variable-calculus-fall-2010/

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Recitation Introduction (1:36) Play Video
2 Definition of Derivative (12:28) Play Video
3 Graphing a Derivative Function (12:00) Play Video
4 Smoothing a Piece-wise Function (9:15) Play Video
5 Constant Multiple Rule (7:06) Play Video
6 Tangent Line to a Polynomial (4:55) Play Video
7 Derivatives of Sine and Cosine (8:11) Play Video
8 Product Rule (7:08) Play Video
9 Quotient Rule (4:22) Play Video
10 Chain Rule (7:41) Play Video
11 Implicit Differentiation (8:16) Play Video
12 Graphing the Arctan Function (4:24) Play Video
13 Arccos (9:33) Play Video
14 Log and Exponent Derivatives (7:00) Play Video
15 Rules of Logs (9:09) Play Video
16 Hyperbolic Trig Functions (13:25) Play Video
17 Implicit Differentiation and Linear Approximation (10:17) Play Video
18 Quadratic Approximation (7:12) Play Video
19 Quadratic Approximation of a Product (14:02) Play Video
20 Sketching a Curve (12:21) Play Video
21 Closest Point to the Origin (6:40) Play Video
22 Minimum Triangle Area (9:52) Play Video
23 Maximum Surface Area (8:43) Play Video
24 Related Rates (Part I) (7:52) Play Video
25 Related Rates (Part II) (17:33) Play Video
26 Using Newton's Method (7:46) Play Video
27 Mean Value Theorem (Part I) (6:06) Play Video
28 Mean Value Theorem (Part II) (3:23) Play Video
29 Antidiff. With Discontinuity (8:52) Play Video
30 Computing Differentials (4:04) Play Video
31 Linear Approximation With Differentials (5:35) Play Video
32 Computing Antiderivatives (8:51) Play Video
33 Anti-differentiation by Substitution (10:09) Play Video
34 Differential Equation (3:24) Play Video
35 Differential Equation With Graph (8:14) Play Video
36 Summation Notation Practice (14:20) Play Video
37 Riemann Sum (7:26) Play Video
38 Computing the Volume of a Paraboloid (7:10) Play Video
39 Diffusion of a Chemical (12:22) Play Video
40 Definite Integrals of tan(x) (6:08) Play Video
41 Definite Integral by Substitution (9:39) Play Video
42 Applying the Second Fundamental Theorem (4:16) Play Video
43 Second Fundamental Theorem and Chain Rule (5:04) Play Video
44 Second Fundamental Theorem and Quadratic Approximation (7:56) Play Video
45 Area Between the Graphs of Sine and Cosine (4:00) Play Video
46 Area Between y=x^3 and y=3x-2 (8:53) Play Video
47 Volume of a Paraboloid via Disks (5:55) Play Video
48 Volume of Revolution via Shells (8:33) Play Video
49 Average Velocity (7:20) Play Video
50 Average x-Coordinate in a Region (10:40) Play Video
51 Explanation of Simpson's Rule (14:51) Play Video
52 Using the Trapezoid and Simpson's Rules (7:48) Play Video
53 Trig Integral Practice (11:22) Play Video
54 Trig Integrals and a Volume of Revolution (9:23) Play Video
55 Integral of tan^4 (theta) (7:58) Play Video
56 Hyperbolic Trig Sub (16:28) Play Video
57 Integration by Completing the Square (14:05) Play Video
58 Partial Fractions Decomposition (19:03) Play Video
59 Finding u and v' When Integrating by Parts (11:38) Play Video
60 Integrating sin^n(x) Using Reduction (17:02) Play Video
61 Arc Length of y=x^(2/3) (7:03) Play Video
62 Surface Area of a Torus (20:56) Play Video
63 Parametric Arclength (8:51) Play Video
64 Polar to Cartesian (8:41) Play Video
65 Graph of r = 1 + cos(theta/2) (19:40) Play Video
66 Integration Practice I (14:05) Play Video
67 Integration Practice II (14:46) Play Video
68 Integration Practice III (12:26) Play Video
69 Integration Practice IV (18:08) Play Video
70 L'Hospital Practice (10:47) Play Video
71 Failure of L'Hospital's Rule (5:57) Play Video
72 Indeterminate Forms (11:42) Play Video
73 A Solid With Finite Volume and Infinite Cross Section (6:01) Play Video
74 Improper Integrals (19:40) Play Video
75 Integral of x^n e^(-x) (10:44) Play Video
76 Limit of a Series (4:56) Play Video
77 Comparison Tests (14:16) Play Video
78 Ratio Test for Convergence (13:35) Play Video
79 Integral Test (7:48) Play Video
80 Integral Test as Estimation (15:15) Play Video
81 Ratio Test: Radius of Convergence (18:02) Play Video
82 Power Series Practice (10:03) Play Video
83 Finding Taylor's Series (10:15) Play Video
84 Taylor's Series of a Polynomial (7:09) Play Video
85 Taylor's Series for sec(x) (11:40) Play Video
86 Integration of Taylor's Series (7:50) Play Video
87 Series Calculation Using a Riemann Sum (13:27) Play Video


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