5.301 Chemistry Laboratory Techniques

Course Description

Thin-layer chromatography is the most commonly used analytical technique in many research labs. This video walks you through every step, from setting up a developing chamber to calculating Rf values.

5.301 Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
A separatory funnel is used to perform a liquid-liquid extraction as demonstrated in Video 5 (Reaction Work-up I: Extraction, Washing and Drying) of the Digital Lab Techniques Manual. (Video still courtesy of Dr. Sarah Tabacco.)
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
3 TLC - The Basics (16:03) Play Video
5 Reaction Work-Up I (18:12) Play Video
6 Reaction Work-Up II (8:33) Play Video
9 Recrystallization (19:35) Play Video
10 Column Chromatography (22:24) Play Video


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