6.013 Electromagnetics and Applications

About The Professor

He is the author of ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY: A Problem Solving Approach (Wiley, 1979; Krieger, 1987; including translations in Spanish and Polish) and has co-developed a set of educational videotapes on Demonstrations of Electromagnetic Fields and Energy. He is co-inventor on patents for elimination of parasitic currents in batteries; a fluid stabilization method using magnetic fluids so that a less viscous fluid can stably push a more viscous fluid; an instrument for measurement of charge entrained in fluids; a process for magnetic media milling; a magnetometer and dielectrometer for detection, identification and discrimination of metallic and non-metallic buried objects such as landmines; the optimization, calibration, and display of dielectrometry signals; for field assisted ion mobility spectrometry; and pending patents on a detection array for buried objects such as landmines and a method for magnetically assisted assembly of integrated circuit wafers. His fields of research and interest include electro-optical field and charge mapping measurements; high-voltage charge transport and breakdown phenomena in dielectrics; flow electrification phenomena in electric power apparatus; development of capacitive and inductive sensors for measuring profiles of dielectric, conduction, and magnetic properties of media as well as related physical properties such as moisture profiles; electrohydrodynamic and electrokinetic interactions with charged and polarizable fluids; ferrohydrodynamic interactions with magnetizable fluids; continuum electromechanics of electrofluidized and magnetically stabilized beds; magnetic diffusion phenomena and forces in MAGLEV systems; and magnetic field devices for micro and nanoelectromechanical system (MEMS/NEMS) applications. He is also developing web based demonstrations and animations for the enriched teaching of electromagnetism.

Markus Zahn
Markus Zahn
Name: Markus Zahn
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Website: http://lees.mit.edu/lees/old_files/full/faculty/Zahn/zahn00....