7.012 Introduction to Biology

Course Description

This course includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. Biological function at the molecular level is particularly emphasized and covers the structure and regulation of genes, as well as, the structure and synthesis of proteins, how these molecules are integrated into cells, and how these cells are integrated into multicellular systems and organisms. In addition, each version of the subject has its own distinctive material.

7.012 focuses on the exploration of current research in cell biology, immunology, neurobiology, genomics, and molecular medicine.

Copyright Information

Robert A. Weinberg, Eric Lander and Claudette Gardel, 7.012 Introduction to Biology, Fall 2004. (MIT OpenCourseWare: Massachusetts Institute of Technology), http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Biology/7-012Fall-2004/CourseHome/... (Accessed August 07, 2008). License: Creative commons BY-NC-SA
7.012 Introduction to Biology
Electron micrograph showing transcription of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes in the developing egg cell of the spotted newt.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Biochemistry
1 Introduction (36:16) Play Video
2 Biochemistry 1 (48:07) Play Video
3 Biochemistry 2 (N/A) Play Video
4 Biochemistry 3 (50:14) Play Video
5 Biochemistry 4 (51:36) Play Video
II. Genetics
6 Genetics 1 (51:00) Play Video
7 Genetics 2 (51:15) Play Video
8 Genetics 3 (51:19) Play Video
9 Human Genetics (49:57) Play Video
III. Molecular Biology
10 Molecular Biology 1 (51:21) Play Video
11 Molecular Biology 2 (49:51) Play Video
12 Molecular Biology 3 (51:22) Play Video
13 Gene Regulation (51:35) Play Video
14 Protein Localization (45:10) Play Video
15 Recombinant DNA 1 (50:10) Play Video
16 Recombinant DNA 2 (50:32) Play Video
17 Recombinant DNA 3 (50:20) Play Video
18 Recombinant DNA 4 (50:23) Play Video
IV. Immunology
19 Cell Cycle/Signaling (48:31) Play Video
20 Cancer (49:17) Play Video
21 Virology/Tumor Viruses (50:20) Play Video
22 Immunology 1 (47:18) Play Video
23 Immunology 2 (50:17) Play Video
24 AIDS (50:03) Play Video
25 Genomics (49:06) Play Video
V. Nervous System
26 Nervous System 1 (48:54) Play Video
27 Nervous System 2 (49:07) Play Video
28 Nervous System 3 (42:50) Play Video
VI. Molecular Medicine
29 Stem Cells/Cloning 1 (50:30) Play Video
30 Stem Cells/Cloning 2 (51:37) Play Video
31 Molecular Medicine 1 (51:13) Play Video
32 Molecular Evolution (48:37) Play Video
33 Molecular Medicine 2 (50:12) Play Video
34 Human Polymorphisms and Cancer Classification (48:07) Play Video
35 Future of Biology (39:05) Play Video


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