Ancient Israel

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You may think you know ancient Israel quite well, or you may be sure you know nothing. In either case, this course is designed to make the acquaintance from scratch. My ancient Israel is strange, sometimes shocking, diverse, and mostly hidden. It can be approached from archaeology and non-biblical writing as well as from the Bible as its most famous artifact. I am a biblical scholar and student of ancient literature, so this class will lean toward what is written, embracing the Bible as a source. In a broadly chronological framework, we will ask what I hope to be unfamiliar questions, trying to get you to see things you had not considered before. The course assumes no prior knowledge, and all knowledge is built from the ground up based on “primary evidence,” the actual material from the ancient world – including the Bible. Every full-class meeting will involve conversation in response to some piece of primary evidence, with expectation that students have as much right as any scholar to figure out who these people are for themselves.

Ancient Israel
Prof. Daniel Fleming in Lecture 17: What if God was Married
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Ancient Israel (1:14:09) Play Video
2 Where to Begin: Israel in the Bible and Without it (1:13:13) Play Video
3 Israel's Roots (1:12:38) Play Video
4 Another World Out There (1:10:19) Play Video
5 What to do with Genesis (1:06:47) Play Video
6 God and Us (53:56) Play Video
7 What to do with the Bible (1:13:02) Play Video
8 Israel Arrives (1:11:05) Play Video
9 The Good Life: No Sovereign in Site (1:12:23) Play Video
10 Women and Power (1:09:45) Play Video
11 And then there were Kings (1:06:00) Play Video
12 Love and Marriage (1:14:39) Play Video
13 Archaeology's 10th Century Solution (59:17) Play Video
14 Israel and Judah: The Period of Two Kingdoms (1:09:44) Play Video
15 The House of David (1:00:53) Play Video
16 How the Other Side Lives (or, Israel in the East) (1:12:33) Play Video
17 What if God was Married (1:09:11) Play Video
18 Judah Alone (1:10:20) Play Video
19 Yellow Journalism and Purple Prose: Writing Like a Prophet (57:25) Play Video
20 Judah the Ideal and the End of Judah (45:42) Play Video
21 Empires, in the Biblical Context (1:09:47) Play Video
22 Judah's Bible (44:59) Play Video
23 A World with One Power: The Impact of Empire (40:31) Play Video
24 Away from Home: Jewish Refugees and Resettlement (1:08:44) Play Video
25 When You Talk About Sex (1:10:19) Play Video
26 We Need a Bible, Don't We? The Work of the Early Jewish Community (1:05:40) Play Video
27 Ancient Hebrew Psychology (56:47) Play Video


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