Ancient Rome History Tutorials

Course Description

Ancient Rome from the earliest beginnings all the way up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 50 short videos, narrated and written by your host Ernie Jones.

Ancient Rome History Tutorials
The Colosseum of Rome
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Ancient Rome Play Video
2 Part 1 Roman Legion Play Video
3 Part 2 Roman Legion - Equipment Play Video
4 Part 3 Roman Legion - Cavalry Play Video
5 Part 4 Roman Legion - The Camp Play Video
6 Roman Class and Social System Play Video
7 Roman Family Play Video
8 Roman Government and Senate Play Video
9 Part 1 Roman Architecture Play Video
10 Part 2 Roman Architecture Play Video
11 The Roman Kings Play Video
12 Part 2 of the Roman Kings Play Video
13 Part 3 of the Roman Kings Play Video
14 Early Roman Republic - Struggle for Central Italy Play Video
15 Early Roman Republic - Part 2 Struggle for Central Italy Play Video
16 First Samnite War Play Video
17 Second Samnite War Play Video
18 Third Samnite War Play Video
19 Part 1 Pyrrhic War Play Video
20 Part 2 Pyrrhic War Play Video
21 Prelude to the Punic Wars - The Grandeur of Carthage Play Video
22 Prelude to the Punic Wars - Military of Carthage Play Video
23 Part 1 of the First Punic War Play Video
24 Part 2 of the First Punic War Play Video
25 Part 3 of the First Punic War Play Video
26 Part 4 of the First Punic War Play Video
27 Part 5 of the First Punic War Play Video
28 Part 1 Mercenary War Play Video
29 Part 2 Mercenary War Play Video
30 Sardinia and Spain Play Video
31 Here come the Gauls Play Video
32 A preview of the Second Punic War Play Video
33 Second Punic War - Hannibal in Spain Play Video
34 Second Punic War - On to the Rhone Play Video
35 Second Punic War - The crossing of the Alps Play Video
36 Second Punic War - The Battle of Ticinus Play Video
37 Second Punic War - The Battle of the Trebia Play Video
38 Second Punic War - The Battle of Lake Trasimene Play Video
39 Second Punic War - Fabius takes over Play Video
40 Second Punic War - The Battle of Cannae Play Video
41 Second Punic War - Events after the Battle of Cannae Play Video
42 Second Punic War - A new kind of war Play Video
43 Second Punic War - South of the Volturnus River Play Video
44 Second Punic War - In Sicily Play Video
45 Second Punic War - Tarentum Play Video
46 Second Punic War - Target: Capua Play Video
47 Second Punic War - Marcellus takes Syracuse Play Video
48 Second Punic War - Capua falls Play Video
49 Second Punic War - Iberia, Greece, and politics in Rome Play Video
50 Religion in Ancient Rome Play Video


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