Calculus Videos: Integration

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In this course, Calculus Instructor Patrick gives 60 video lectures on Integral Calculus. Some of the topics covered are: Indefinite Integrals, Definite Integrals, Trigonometric Integrals, Trigonometric Substitution, Partial Fractions, Double Integrals, Triple Integrals, Polar Coordinates, Spherical Coordinates, Line Integrals, Centroids/Centers of Mass, Improper Integrals, Volumes of Revolution, Work, and many more.

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Calculus Videos: Integration

Calculus Instructor Patrick in Lecture 2: The Definite Integral: Understanding the Definition.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Summation Notation Play Video
2 The Definite Integral: Understanding the Definition Play Video
3 Approximating a Definite Integral Using Rectangles Play Video
4 Trapezoidal Rule to Approximate a Definite Integral Play Video
5 Simpson's Rule to Approximate a Definite Integral Play Video
6 Simpson's Rule and Error Bounds Play Video
7 Calculating a Definite Integral Using Riemann Sums (Part 1) Play Video
8 Calculating a Definite Integral Using Riemann Sums (Part 2) Play Video
9 Basic Integration Formulas Play Video
10 Basic Antiderivate Examples: Indefinite Integral Play Video
11 More Basic Integration Problems Play Video
12 Basic Definite Integral Example Play Video
13 Indefinite Integral: U-substitution Play Video
14 Definite Integral: U-substitution Play Video
15 More Integration Using U-Substitution (Part 1) Play Video
16 More Integration Using U-Substitution (Part 2) Play Video
17 Integration Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions Play Video
18 Integration By Parts: Indefinite Integral Play Video
19 Integration By Parts: Definite Integral Play Video
20 Indefinite/Definite Integral Examples Play Video
21 Integration By Parts: Using IBP's Twice Play Video
22 Integration By Parts: A "Loopy" Example Play Video
23 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 1 of 6 Play Video
24 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 2 of 6 Play Video
25 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 3 of 6 Play Video
26 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 4 of 6 Play Video
27 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 5 of 6 Play Video
28 Trigonometric Integrals: Part 6 of 6 Play Video
29 Trigonometric Substitution (Part 1) Play Video
30 Trigonometric Substitution (Part 2) Play Video
31 Trigonometric Substitution (Part 3) Play Video
32 Trigonometric Substitution (Part 4) Play Video
33 Trigonometric Substitution (Part 5) Play Video
34 Partial Fractions: Decomposing a Rational Function Play Video
35 Partial Fractions: Coefficients of a Partial Fraction Decomposition Play Video
36 Partial Fractions: Problem Play Video
37 Partial Fractions: Problem Using a Rationalizing Substitution Play Video
38 Calculating Double Integrals Over Rectangular Regions Play Video
39 Calculating Double Integrals Over General Regions Play Video
40 Reversing the Order of Integration (Part 1) Play Video
41 Reversing the Order of Integration (Part 2) Play Video
42 Finding Areas in Polar Coordinates Play Video
43 Double Integral Using Polar Coordinates (Part 1) Play Video
44 Double Integral Using Polar Coordinates (Part 2) Play Video
45 Double Integral Using Polar Coordinates (Part 3) Play Video
46 Triple Integrals Play Video
47 Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinates Play Video
48 Line Integrals Play Video
49 Solving First Order Linear Differential Equations Play Video
50 Finding Centroids/Centers of Mass (Part 1) Play Video
51 Finding Centroids/Centers of Mass (Part 2) Play Video
52 Improper Integrals: Introduction Play Video
53 Improper Integrals: Using L'Hospitals Rule Play Video
54 Improper Integrals: Infinity in the Upper and Lower Limit Play Video
55 Improper Integrals: Infinite Discontinuity at an Endpoint Play Video
56 Improper Integrals: Infinite Discontinuity in the Middle of the Interval Play Video
57 Volumes of Revolution: Disk/Washer Method & Rotating Regions About a Horizontal Line Play Video
58 Volumes of Revolution: Disk/Washer Method & Rotating Regions About a Vertical Line Play Video
59 Volumes of Revolution: Disk/Washer Method (cont.) Play Video
60 Work Problems: Finding the Work To Empty a Tank Full of Water Play Video


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Kausin Kausin wrote 9 years ago.
Very helpful video

mohammad sami wrote 11 years ago.
i need this lectures as i am a lecturer in the technical

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waooo osum

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have you gonna do the maths

arsalan wrote 11 years ago.
Basic Integration Formulas

mukesh wrote 11 years ago.

keong wrote 12 years ago.
Mind to include in triple integral in cylindrical
coordinates? Thanks anyways for the clear explanation, u cut
my lecturers hours of crap into few minutes of useful
information which is knowledge~!~!!

pratik wrote 12 years ago.

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