Calculus with Dr. Bob V: Advanced Integration Techniques

Course Description

In this series, Dr. Bob covers topics from Calculus II on the subject of advanced integration techniques, such as Integration by Parts, Trig Integrals, Trig Substitution, Partial Fraction Integrals, L'Hopital's Rule, Improper Integrals.

Calculus with Dr. Bob V: Advanced Integration Techniques
Dr. Bob in Lesson 5: Int By Parts 5 - Antiderivative for e^{3x}cos(4x)
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Int by Parts 1 - Natural Log and Exponential Play Video
2 Int by Parts 2 - Trig Functions Play Video
3 Int by Parts 3 - Definite Integrals Play Video
4 Int by Parts 4 - Antiderivative of e^(2x)cos(x) (Double IBP) Play Video
5 Int By Parts 5 - Antiderivative for e^{3x}cos(4x) (Fast Solution) Play Video
6 Int by Parts 6 - Antiderivative of sec^3(x) Play Video
7 Fast Antiderivative of x^2 exp(3x) Play Video
8 Integrals with cos^m(x) sin^n(x) Play Video
9 Integral of cos(mx)cos(nx) Play Video
10 Integral of tan^m(x) sec^n(x) Play Video
11 Antiderivative of sec^5(x) Play Video
12 Integral of tan^6(x) Play Video
13 Trig Substitution 1 - Basic Inverse Trig Integrals Play Video
14 Trig Substitution 2 - Integral for (1+x^2)^{5/2} Play Video
15 Trig Substitution 3 - Integral of x^2/sqrt(1-4x^2) Play Video
16 Trig Substitution 4 - Integral of sqrt(e^{2x} - 1) Play Video
17 Integration with Partial Fractions 1 - Distinct Linear Factors Play Video
18 Integration with Partial Fractions 2 - Repeated Linear Factors Play Video
19 Integration with Partial Fractions 3 - Distinct Mixed Factors Play Video
20 Integration with Partial Fractions 4 - Repeated Quadratic Factors Play Video
21 Integration with Partial Fractions 5 - Composition with e^x Play Video
22 L'Hopital's Rule 1 - Rational Functions Play Video
23 L'Hopital's Rule 2 - Trig Limits Play Video
24 L'Hopital's Rule 3 - exp, log, and inverse sine Play Video
25 L'Hopital's Rule 4 - Special Indeterminate Forms Play Video
26 Growth of Functions at Infinity Play Video
27 Improper Integrals 1 - Infinite Limits of Integration Play Video
28 Improper Integrals 2 - Vertical Asymptote in Interval Play Video
29 Improper Integral of 1/x^p Play Video
30 Mean of the Exponential Distribution Play Video


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