Chaos, Fractals & Dynamic Systems

Course Description

The course covers lessons in Representations of Dynamical Systems,Vector Fields of Nonlinear Systems, Limit Cycles, The Lorenz Equation, The Rossler Equation and Forced Pendulum, The Chua's Circuit, Discrete Time Dynamical Systems, The Logistic Map and Period doubling, Flip and Tangent Bifurcations, Intermittency Transcritical and pitchfork, Two Dimensional Maps, Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets, Stable and Unstable Manifolds ,The Monodromy Matrix and the Saltation Matrix.

Chaos, Fractals & Dynamic Systems
Prof. S. Banerjee in Lecture 31: Non-Smooth Bifurcations (Part I).
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Representations of Dynamical Systems Play Video
2 Vector Fields of Nonlinear Systems Play Video
3 Limit Cycles Play Video
4 The Lorenz Equation (Part I) Play Video
5 The Lorenz Equation (Part II) Play Video
6 The Rossler Equation and Forced Pendulum Play Video
7 The Chuas Circuit Play Video
8 Discrete Time Dynamical Systems Play Video
9 The Logistic Map and Period Doubling Play Video
10 Flip and Tangent Bifurcations Play Video
11 Intermittency Transcritical and Pitchfork Play Video
12 Two Dimensional Maps Play Video
13 Bifurcations in Two Dimensional Maps Play Video
14 Introduction to Fractals Play Video
15 Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets Play Video
16 The Space Where Fractals Live Play Video
17 Interactive Function Systems Play Video
18 IFS Algorithms Play Video
19 Fractal Image Compression Play Video
20 Stable and Unstable Manifolds Play Video
21 Boundary Crisis and Interior Crisis Play Video
22 Statistics of Chaotic Attractors Play Video
23 Matrix Times Circle: Ellipse Play Video
24 Lyapunov Exponent Play Video
25 Frequency Spectra of Orbits Play Video
26 Dynamics on a Torus (Part I) Play Video
27 Dynamics on a Torus (Part II) Play Video
28 Analysis of Chaotic Time Series (Part I) Play Video
29 Analysis of Chaotic Time Series (Part II) Play Video
30 Lyapunou Function and Centre Manifold Theory Play Video
31 Non-Smooth Bifurcations (Part I) Play Video
32 Non-Smooth Bifurcations (Part II) Play Video
33 Normal from for Piecewise Smooth 2D Maps Play Video
34 Bifurcations in Piecewise Linear 2D Maps (Part I) Play Video
35 Bifurcations in Piecewise Linear 2D Maps (Part II) Play Video
36 Multiple Attractor Bifurcation and Dangerous Play Video
37 Dynamics of Discontinuous Maps Play Video
38 Introduction to Floquet Theory Play Video
39 The Monodromy Matrix and the Saltation Matrix Play Video
40 Control of Chaos Play Video


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lecturers are too good,i need it .

Abdooo89 wrote 13 years ago.
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