Chem 107: Inorganic Chemistry

Course Description

This course is an introduction to modern inorganic chemistry. Topics include principles of structure, bonding, and chemical reactivity with application to compounds of the main group and transition elements, including organometallic chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry (Chem 107) is part of OpenChem:
This video is part of a 29-lecture undergraduate-level course titled "Inorganic Chemistry" taught at UC Irvine by Professor Matthew D. Law.

Copyright Information

Law, Matthew D. Inorganic Chemistry 107 (UCI OpenCourseWare: University of California, Irvine), [August 14 2016]. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. (
Chem 107: Inorganic Chemistry
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Symmetry in Nature Play Video
2 Symmetry and Point Groups Play Video
3 Representations and Character Tables Play Video
4 Character Tables and One Application of Symmetry Play Video
5 A Second Application of Symmetry Play Video
6 Simple MO Theory Play Video
7 Simple MO Theory II Play Video
8 Simple MO Theory III Play Video
9 Simple MO Theory IV Play Video
10 Projection Operator Method Play Video
11 The Crystalline Solid State Play Video
12 Crystal Structures Play Video
13 Ionic Structures Play Video
14 Semiconductors and Devices based on p-n Junctions Play Video
15 Models of Acid- Base Chemistry Play Video
16 Nature of the Adduct Play Video
17 Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Hydrogen, Alkali, and Alkaline Earth Metals Play Video
18 .Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Boron through Nitrogen Groups Play Video
19 Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Carbon Group through Noble Gases Play Video
20 .Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Chalcogens through Noble Gases Play Video
21 Coordination Chemistry I: Names, Coordination Geometries and Isomers Play Video
22 Coordination Chemistry I: Coordination Geometries Play Video
23 Coordination Chemistry II: Liquid Field Theory Play Video
24 Coordination Chemistry II: Liquid Field Theory Play Video
25 Coordination Chemistry II: LFT for Electron Counting Play Video
26 Coordination Chemistry III: Spectroscopy & Multi-Electron States Play Video
27 Coordination Chemistry III: Multi-Electron States Play Video
28 Coordination Chemistry III: Multi-Electron States -- Part 2 Play Video
29 Inorganic Chemistry: Jahn-Teller Effect and Electron Counting Play Video


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