Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Course Description

This course is a Total Beginner's Guide to Coding Your Very Own Dynamic Websites with PHP, so you need no prior knowledge or experience — although it's a good idea that you know some HTML (my beginner's guide "Build a Website from Scratch with HTML & CSS" will get teach you everything you need to know).

So — why learn PHP? Well, PHP is a very powerful scripting language used by millions of websites. Some of the most popular websites and frameworks utilize PHP to build their dynamic websites. PHP works very well with HTML, and therefore will allow you to start coding dynamic websites quickly without having to learn some of the more complicated scripting languages out there.

Code Dynamic Websites with PHP
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Welcome to the Course Play Video
2 What is PHP? Play Video
3 What Does PHP Do? Play Video
4 Tools to Get Started Play Video
5 Download Course Files Play Video
6 Your First PHP Page Play Video
7 PHP Syntax Play Video
8 PHP Variables Play Video
9 More Variables Play Video
10 Defining Constants Play Video
11 Get Your Hands Dirty Play Video
12 Arrays Play Video
13 Associative Arrays Play Video
14 Multi-Dimensional Arrays Play Video
15 Get Your Hands Dirty Play Video
16 If Statements Play Video
17 Else Play Video
18 Else If Play Video
19 Get Your Hands Dirty Play Video
20 Comparison Operators Play Video
21 Logical Operators Play Video
22 Arithmetic Operators Play Video
23 String Operators Play Video
24 Assignment Operators Play Video
25 While Loop Play Video
26 For Loop Play Video
27 Foreach Loop Play Video
28 Do While Loop Play Video
29 PHP Functions Play Video
30 Custom Functions Play Video
31 Simple Arguments Play Video
32 Final Website Play Video
33 Basic Layout Play Video
34 Global Header & Footer Play Video
35 Copyright & Hours of Operation Play Video
36 Team Member Array & Template Play Video
37 Menu Array & Template Play Video
38 Understanding $_GET Play Video
39 Menu Item Template Play Video
40 Contact Form Play Video
41 Understanding $_POST Play Video
42 Form Validation Play Video
43 Form Submission Play Video
44 Upload Your Website Live Play Video
45 Wrap Up Play Video


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