Comprehensive Excel 2013: Basics To Advanced

Course Description

This is the Highline Community College Class, Spreadsheet Construction taught by Michael Girvin: Basic To Advanced Excel. It contains 50 video lectures teaching the basics of Excel, as well as advanced concepts.

Be sure to download the workbook to follow along with the examples. They are found on the official course website.

Comprehensive Excel 2013: Basics To Advanced
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Back To Basics: Number Format, Keyboards, PivotTables, Formulas (1:42:38) Play Video
2 Comprehensive Excel Formula Types & Elements Video 12 Examples (33:55) Play Video
3 How Formulas Calculate: Order of Precedence in Excel (15:23) Play Video
4 Percentage Increase or Decrease Formula (4:51) Play Video
5 Cell References: Relative, Absolute & Mixed (8 Examples) (37:12) Play Video
6 Scenarios To Save Sets Of Formula Inputs, Paste Special Trick (6:01) Play Video
7 Worksheet & Workbook References, 3-D Cell References (11:21) Play Video
8 Excel Table Formula Nomenclature / Structured References 22 Ex. (25:47) Play Video
9 Defined Names & Aggregate Functions (13:15) Play Video
11 Calculations With OR Criteria: COUNTIFS, DCOUNTA, SUMIFS, DSUM (22:57) Play Video
12 AND & OR Criteria Calculations: D Functions like DSUM, DCOUNT (9:00) Play Video
13 AND & OR Criteria Calculations: Table Feature (5:34) Play Video
14 AND, OR, IF Functions For AR Dept (Multiple Logical Tests) (13:37) Play Video
15 IF & IS Functions To Deliver Numbers, Text, Formulas, Nested IFs (26:18) Play Video
16 Round Functions: ROUND, MROUND, ROUNDUP, CEILING, more... (8:34) Play Video
17 Introduction To SUMPRODUCT Function (10:02) Play Video
18 VLOOKUP Function 20 Examples, VLOOKUP Formula, Excel VLOOKUP (42:00) Play Video
19 Text Functions RIGHT, LEFT, MID, SEARCH for Partial Text VLOOKUP (11:13) Play Video
20 VLOOKUP, DGET & MATCH For Looking Up Records 7 Examples (20:56) Play Video
21 INDEX and MATCH Functions For Unusual Lookups 4 Examples (19:33) Play Video
22 CHOOSE function to lookup table for VLOOKUP With Multiple Tables (6:46) Play Video
23 VLOOKUP and IFNA for Commissions (2:24) Play Video
24 Getting Top 5 Values With LARGE And Bottom 5 With SMALL (5:26) Play Video
25 Goal Seek: Get Formula To Evaluate To Desired Result (3:38) Play Video
26 Excel Compare Two Lists Formula: Item In List? Item Not In List? (6:15) Play Video
27 How To Track Down Excel Formula Errors (16 Examples) (21:36) Play Video
28 Excel Data Validation: List, Date, Time, Custom (22 Examples) (24:25) Play Video
29 Flash Fill: Extract, Combine, Insert, Reverse Data (25 Example) (12:22) Play Video
30 Custom Number Formatting & Text Functions, (33 Examples) (30:48) Play Video
31 Date Functions: EDATE, EOMONTH, DATE, YEAR, MONTH, DAY, More (11:37) Play Video
32 Introduction To Array Formulas and Array Functions (34:06) Play Video
33 Sorting In Excel. Excel Sort (13 Examples) (18:11) Play Video
34 Excel Subtotals, Add Subtotals based on One or Two Columns (12:48) Play Video
35 Excel 2013 PivotTables: Basic To Advanced 58 Examples (1:21:50) Play Video
36 Excel Filter For Extracting Records with AND or OR Criteria (15:06) Play Video
37 Excel Advanced Filter Extract Data 26 Examples Basic - Advanced (30:26) Play Video
38 Excel Text To Columns To Split or Convert Data 7 Examples (10:14) Play Video
39 Excel Import Data: Text File, CSV File, Access, Excel File (10:04) Play Video
40 Conditional Formatting Basic To Advanced 50 Examples (1:28:16) Play Video
41 Review Of Chart Basics For Excel 2013 (43:39) Play Video
42 Save Chart As Template in Excel 2013 (3:48) Play Video
43 Set Default Chart in Excel 2013, Keyboard Shortcuts Charts (2:03) Play Video
44 Pie within Pie Chart in Excel 2013 (2:45) Play Video
45 Combining Chart Types and Secondary Axis in Excel 2013 (3:59) Play Video
46 Statistics: Histogram Formulas & Chart in Excel 2013 (12:35) Play Video
47 Statistics: Dot Plot (Cell Chart) (2:38) Play Video
48 Conditional Formatting: Bar Chart with Data Labels (2:24) Play Video
49 Break Even Analysis Formulas & Chart, Plotting Break Even Point (13:26) Play Video
50 Recorded Macro Basics, including Absolute & Relative References (33:16) Play Video


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