Computer Architecture

Course Description

In this course, Prof. Anshul Kumar gives 38 video lectures on Computer Architecture.

- Computer system and its submodules
- Number system and representation of information
- Arithmetic and logical operation and hardware implementation
- Software implementation of some complex operation
- Arithmetic and logic unit, memory unit, control unit and instruction set
- ALU, concepts of machine level programming, assembly level programming and high level programming
- Various addressing modes and designing of an instruction set
- Concepts of subroutine and subroutine call
- Use of stack for handling subroutine call and return
- Introduction to CPU design, instruction interpretation and execution, micro-operation and their RTL specification
- Hardwired control CPU design
- Microprogrammed control CPU design
- Concepts of semiconductor memory, CPU-memory interaction, organization of memory modules
- Cache memory and related mapping and replacement policies
- Virtual memory
- Introduction to input/output processing, working with video display unit and keyboard and routine to control them
- Programmed controlled I/O transfer
- Interrupt controlled I/O transfer
- DMA controller
- Secondary storage and type of storage devices
- Introduction to buses and connecting I/O devices to CPU and memory
- Introduction to RISC and CISC paradigm
- Design issues of a RISC processor and example of an existing RISC processor.
- Introduction to pipelining and pipeline hazards, design issues of pipeline architecture
- Instruction level parallelism and advanced issues.
- Introduction to interconnection network and practical issues.
- Examples of interconnection networks
- Multiprocessors and its characteristics
- Memory organization for multiprocessors systems
- Synchronization and models of memory consistency
- Issues of deadlock and scheduling in multiprocessor systems
- Cache in multiprocessor systems and related problems
- Cache coherence protocols
- Parallel processing concepts
- Parallelism algorithm for multiprocessor systems

Computer Architecture
Lecture 25: Pipelined Processor Design: Datapath.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Computer Architecture Play Video
2 History of Computers Play Video
3 Instruction Set Architecture I Play Video
4 Instruction Set Architecture II Play Video
5 Instruction Set Architecture III Play Video
6 Recursive Programs Play Video
7 Architecture Space Play Video
8 Architecture Examples Play Video
9 Performance I Play Video
10 Performance II Play Video
11 Binary Arithmetic and ALU Design Play Video
12 ALU Design and Overflow Play Video
13 Multiplier Design Play Video
14 Divider Design Play Video
15 Fast Addition and Multiplication Play Video
16 Floating Point Arithmetic Play Video
17 Processor Design: Introduction Play Video
18 Processor Design Play Video
19 Processor Design: Simple Design Play Video
20 Processor Design: Multi Cycle Approach Play Video
21 Processor Design: Control for Multi Cycle Play Video
22 Processor Design Micro Programmed Control Play Video
23 Processor Design Exception Handling Play Video
24 Pipelined Processor Design: Basic Idea Play Video
25 Pipelined Processor Design: Data Path Play Video
26 Pipelined Processor Design: Handling Data Play Video
27 Pipelined Processor Design Play Video
28 Memory Hierarchy: Basic Idea Play Video
29 Memory Hierarchy: Cache Organization (Part I) Play Video
30 Memory Hierarchy: Cache Organization (Part II) Play Video
31 Memory Hierarchy: Virtual Memory (Part I) Play Video
32 Memory Hierarchy: Virtual Memory (Part II) Play Video
33 Input / Output Subsystem: Introduction Play Video
34 Input / Output Subsystem: Interfaces and Buses (Part I) Play Video
35 Input / Output Subsystem: Interfaces and Buses (Part II) Play Video
36 Input / Output Subsystem: I/O Operations Play Video
37 Input / Output Subsystem: Designing I/O Systems Play Video
38 Concluding Remarks Play Video


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shailesh wrote 12 years ago.
nice lect.............

ali wrote 12 years ago.
thesis&essay&study&need :br> computer arithmetic
reversible logic
quantum computing

anamika wrote 13 years ago.
this show the prepared faculty just for teaching...........

vikas kaushik wrote 13 years ago.
this is really awesome . It helped me a lot to learn about
computer architecture and organisation and helped to build
basic concepts......BUT will u please inform or give links
regarding new technologies like robotics , z data transfer
or any other which help me in my electronics and
communication branch................i will be highly
thankful to you.

salmannsu wrote 13 years ago.
thanks and nice..

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