Computer Programming with MATLAB

Course Description

This is an introductory college-level course in computer science for engineering and science students, taught by Akos Ledeczi, Michael Fitzpatrick, and Robert Tairas from Vanderbilt University, in partnership with Coursera.
However, it is also suitable for high school students who are interested in programming. The material assumes no background in mathematics beyond the standard high school curriculum.

Computer Programming with MATLAB
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Introducing MATLAB
1 Introduction Play Video
2 The MATLAB Environment Play Video
3 MATLAB as a Calculator Play Video
4 Syntax and Semantics Play Video
5 The MATLAB Help System Play Video
6 Introduction to Plotting in MATLAB Play Video
II. Matrices and Operators
7 Introduction to Matrices and Operators Play Video
8 The Colon Operator Play Video
9 Accessing Parts of Matrix Play Video
10 Combining and Transforming Matrices Play Video
11 Arithmetic Part 1 (Old Version) Play Video
12 Arithmetic Part 2 Play Video
13 Operator Precedence Play Video
III. Functions
14 Introduction to Functions Play Video
15 Function Input/Output Play Video
16 Formal Definition of Functions Play Video
17 Sub-functions Play Video
18 Scope Play Video
19 Advantages of Functions Play Video
20 Scripts Play Video
IV. Programmer’s Toolbox
21 Introduction to the Programmer's Toolbox Play Video
22 Matrix Building Play Video
23 Input/Output Play Video
24 Plotting Play Video
25 Debugging Play Video
V. Selection
26 Selection (Branching) in MATLAB Play Video
27 If-Statement cont'd. Play Video
28 Relational and Logical Operators Play Video
29 Nested If-statements Play Video
30 Variable Number of Arguments Play Video
31 Robustness Play Video
32 Persistent Variables Play Video
VI. Loops
33 for-loops in MATLAB Play Video
34 while-loops in MATLAB Play Video
35 Break-statement in MATLAB Play Video
36 Logical indexing in MATLAB Play Video
37 Preallocation Play Video
VII. Data Types
38 Introduction to data types Play Video
39 Strings (old version) Play Video
40 Structs Play Video
41 Cells Play Video
VIII. File Input/Output
42 Introduction to files in MATLAB Play Video
43 Excel files in MATLAB Play Video
44 Text Files Play Video
45 Binary Files (old version) Play Video


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