CS 61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Science

About The Professor

I'm a "Lecturer with Security of Employment," which means that they pay me to teach full-time (not to do research), but I'm essentially tenured, even though I'm not supposed to call it that.

I teach many of the lower division (freshman and sophomore) computer science courses at Berkeley, as well as one called Social Implications of Computing and occasionally others. I'm faculty advisor of the Computer Science Undergraduate Association and of the Open Computing Facility.

I'm also interested in the use of computers in pre-college education; I used to be a high school teacher, and I'm involved in the development of the Logo programming language. And recently I've been volunteering in a local elementary school.

Brian Harvey
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Name: Brian Harvey
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Website: http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~bh/