CSC/SETI Institute Colloquium Series 2010

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Carl Sagan Center/SETI Institute Colloquium Series


Attend a colloquium! They are FREE, open to the public and held from noon to 1pm, every Wednesday at the SETI Institute, 515 N. Whisman Road, Mountain View, California.

CSC/SETI Institute Colloquium Series 2010
Dr Adrian Brown discusses his work using the CRISM imaging spectrometer on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (January 17, 2010)
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Dale Cruikshank: Outer Solar System Ices Play Video
2 Adrian Brown: Poles of Mars Play Video
3 Bruce Damer: Simulating Life's Origin Play Video
4 Laurance Doyle: Mongolian and other Historic Solar Eclipses Play Video
5 Daniel Rasky: Augustine Commission - The Way Forward on US Manned Spaceflight Play Video
6 Sergei Dubovsky: Observing String Multiverse with Astrophysical Black Holes Play Video
7 Conny Aerts - Asteroseismology Play Video
8 Carol Stoker - Phoenix Mission and Habitability Play Video
9 ames Benford - Interstellar Beacons Play Video
10 Brad Bailey - Life in Basaltic Glass in the oceanic basins Play Video
11 Nancy McKeown: Mawrth Vallis, Mars Play Video
12 Bob Pappalardo: Europa Jupiter Orbiter Play Video
13 David Jewitt:- Solar System Primordial Ice Reservoirs Play Video
14 Harry Jones: Starship Life Support Play Video
15 Jeff Moore: Mysteries on Titan Play Video
16 Farid Salama: Interstellar Clouds Play Video
17 Mark Showalter: Marine Biodiversity Play Video
18 Jen Blank: ChemCam on Mars Science Lab Rover Play Video
19 Pete Worden, Pavel Podvig, Will Marshall: Nuclear Weapons and Space Weapons Play Video
20 Samantha Blair: Interstellar Medium Interference Play Video
21 Jon Jenkins: Kepler Worlds Play Video
22 Dan Lubin: Maunder Minimum Play Video
23 Monika Kress: Habitable Planets Play Video
24 Intersection of Physics and Biology - Jan Liphardt Play Video
25 Mark Marley: Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets Play Video
26 Sarah Church: Polarized Cosmic Microwave Background Play Video
27 Peter Jenniskens: Hayabusa Reentry Play Video
28 Don Lowe: Late Heavy Bombardment Play Video
29 Mark Krumholz: Star Formation Rate Play Video
30 Heather Knutson: Exoplanet Atmospheres Play Video
31 David Des Marais: Exploring Mars for Habitable Environments Play Video
32 Ralph Lorenz: Titan Unveiled Play Video
33 REU Students Review 2010 Play Video
34 Nick Kanas: Psychology of Spaceflight Play Video
35 Rus Belikov: Beyond Kepler - Imaging Exo-Earths Play Video
36 Bill Colson: Free Electron Laser Communications Play Video
37 David Korsmeyer: NASA Future Human Missions Play Video
38 Pascal Lee: Haughton-Mars Project Play Video
39 Chris McKay: Titan - Past, Present, Future Play Video
40 Nathalie Cabrol: Lakes on Mars Play Video
41 Margarita Marinova: Martian Dichotomy Play Video
42 Ellen Howell: Radar videos of asteroids Play Video


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