Daily Vocal Warm-Ups with Eric Arceneaux

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In this course, Artist Eric Arceneaux gives 4 video lessons on Basic Vocal Warm-Up Routines. The key, as with any exercise plan, is to stick to it and do it everyday. Please visit this site for more information: http://budurl.com/powerseries.

Daily Vocal Warm-Ups with Eric Arceneaux

Artist Eric Arceneaux in Lesson 2: Freeing Your Vocal Range.
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Corey wrote 10 years ago.
After only two of your online lessons I am so blessed. I
have taken vocal lessons intermittently for two years and
your training is more than sufficient to keep me on target
during the gaps. God bless all that you put your hand to!

Alexia wrote 11 years ago.
These exercises are very effective. Thank you for your

Alexia wrote 11 years ago.
You are so awesome Eric. Your exercises are the top
exercises in the entertainment industry. Your exercises
improve my voice quickly. Not pushing is what I focus. That
was my problem. Everything else comes with ease when this
I practice everyday with your exercises!!!

God bless,

Pomnisa wrote 11 years ago.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Even with 4 yrs. of college
and a music ed. major they still did not put a strong
emphasis on daily vocalization. I wish you the best and pray
that your record deal is in the works. You deserve it!

jim posey wrote 11 years ago.
would like to continue with your lessons

seth wiredu wrote 11 years ago.
i just admire eric so much but would like to be posted some
vocal lessons via my address.

BEVERLY EPPS wrote 13 years ago.

first i want ot say thank God for you i am blessed
To have come across your vocal warm up routines
thank you for giveing freely. I am audtioning for my
first talent show in morristown nj, It came to me to look up
on voice lessons and i found you what a
relief. The song i choose is the greatest love of all
I became nervous and wanted to back out, untill
I found this web site. If i never step out i will never
Come out.It was my brothers whish for me to record before he
was killed on 911 in the towers
I hope to meet you one day so that dream can come true. i
believe you will help me to find my true
God Bless You

jj65 wrote 13 years ago.
Awesome Eric! Thank you so very much for these lessons

sammie wrote 13 years ago.
you are a great guy, my man.
i love you since yesterday i met you on youtube your
training hav added to what i got, keep up th egud work God
bless you real gud.

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