Data Communication

Course Description

In this course, Prof. Ajit Pal gives 41 video lectures on Data Communication.

Data Communication
Lecture 39: Multimedia Services.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction and Course Outline: Data Communication Play Video
2 Layered Architecture Play Video
3 Data and Signal Play Video
4 Transmission Impairments and Channel Capacity Play Video
5 Guided Transmission Media Play Video
6 Unguided Media Play Video
7 Transmission of Digital Signal (Part I) Play Video
8 Transmission of Digital Signal (Part II) Play Video
9 Transmission of Analog Signal (Part I) Play Video
10 Transmission of Analog Signal (Part II) Play Video
11 Multiplexing (Part I) Play Video
12 Multiplexing (Part II) Play Video
13 Multiplexing Applications (Part I) Play Video
14 Multiplexing Applications (Part II) Play Video
15 Interfacing to the Media Play Video
16 Error Detection and Correction Play Video
17 Flow and Error Control Play Video
18 Data Link Control Play Video
19 Switching Techniques Circuit Switching Play Video
20 Switching Techniques Packet Switching Play Video
21 Routing (Part I) Play Video
22 Routing (Part II) Play Video
23 Congestion Control Play Video
24 X.25 and Frame Relay Play Video
25 ATM Play Video
26 Medium Access Control (Part I) Play Video
27 Medium Access Control (Part II) Play Video
28 Medium Access Control (Part III) Play Video
29 IEEE 802 LANs Play Video
30 High Speed LANs Play Video
31 Wireless LANs Play Video
32 Cellular Telephone Systems Play Video
33 Satellite Communications Play Video
34 Internet and Internetworking Play Video
35 TCP/IP (Part I) Play Video
36 TCP/IP (Part II) Play Video
37 Multimedia Networks Play Video
38 Audio and Video Compression Play Video
39 Multimedia Services Play Video
40 Secured Communication (Part I) Play Video
41 Secured Communication (Part II) Play Video


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SADIQ wrote 12 years ago.
dear sir
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