Digital Image Processing I with Charles Bouman

Course Description

Lecture series on Digital Image Processing I from Spring 2011 by Prof. C.A. Bouman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University.

Digital Image Processing I with Charles Bouman
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 CTFT and CSFT Play Video
3 CSFT and Rep and Comb Relations Play Video
4 Optical Imaging Systems Play Video
5 Helical Scan Multislice CT and PET Play Video
6 Tomographic Reconstruction: Fourier Slice Theorem and FPB Play Video
7 FPB and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Play Video
8 MRI Reconstruction Play Video
9 MRI and C-programming Play Video
10 C-programming Play Video
11 DTFT, DSFT, Sampling, and Reconstruction Play Video
12 2D Reconstruction and Focal Plane Arrays Play Video
13 Sampling and Reconstruction for Focal Plane Arrays Play Video
14 FIR and IIR Filters Play Video
15 IIR Filters and Random Variables Play Video
16 Random Variables and Random Processes Play Video
17 Power Spectral Density and AR Processes Play Video
18 Eigen Signal Analysis Play Video
19 Eigen Signal Analysis and Edge Detection Play Video
20 Edge Detection and Connected Component Analysis Play Video
21 Segmentation, Clustering, and Color Vision Illusions Play Video
22 Achromatic Vision Play Video
23 Constrast, CSF, and Achromatic Image Quality Metrics Play Video
24 - Color Matching Functions Play Video
25 Color Matching Functions and Subtractive Color Systems Play Video
26 Subtractive Color Systems, Chromaticity Diagrams Play Video
27 Chromaticity Diagrams and White Point Play Video
28 White Point, Color Transforms, and sRGB Play Video
29 More Color Transformations Play Video
30 More Quality Metrics and Rate Conversion Play Video
31 Rate Conversion Play Video
32 Rate Conversion, and Image Restoration Play Video
33 Image Restoration, and Nonlinear Filtering Play Video
34 Nonlinear Filtering and M-Estimators Play Video
35 - Halftoning and Ordered Dither Play Video
36 Error Diffusion Play Video
37 Error Diffusion and RAPS Play Video
38 Entropy and Source Coding Play Video
39 Entropy and Source Coding Play Video
40 Lossy Source Coding and Rate-Distortion Theory Play Video
41 Rate-Distortion Theory Play Video
42 JPEG Image Coding Play Video


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