Electromagnetic Fields

Course Description

This course introduces students to the many applications of electromagnetic fields in the field of engineering. The course contains a total of 42 video lectures by Prof. Harishankar Ramachandarn from the Department of Electrical Engineering, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Electromagnetic Fields

Prof. Harishankar Ramachandran in Lecture 15: Method of Image.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Review of Vectors Fields (55:38) Play Video
1 Energy in the Field (58:57) Play Video
2 Introduction to Vector (cont.) (57:31) Play Video
2 Electro Static Potential (57:29) Play Video
2 Example Problems in Eletro Statics (1:03:38) Play Video
3 Coulomb's Law (57:02) Play Video
4 Electric Field (56:39) Play Video
6 The Gradient (01:01:45) Play Video
6 Inductance (58:16) Play Video
7 Gauss's Law (57:41) Play Video
8 Poisson's Equation (58:01) Play Video
11 Fields in Materials (57:43) Play Video
12 Fields in Material Bodies (57:50) Play Video
13 Displacement Vector (55:38) Play Video
14 Capacitors (57:40) Play Video
15 Method Of Image (57:18) Play Video
16 Poisson's Equation 2Dimensions (58:14) Play Video
17 Field near Sharp Edges and Points (57:02) Play Video
18 Magnetic Field 1 (57:36) Play Video
19 Magnetic Field 2 (01:00:30) Play Video
20 Stokes Theorems (58:08) Play Video
21 The Curl (58:03) Play Video
22 Field Due to Current Loop (55:40) Play Video
23 Ampere's Law (58:58) Play Video
24 Examples of Ampere's Law (58:18) Play Video
26 Mutual Inductance (58:31) Play Video
27 Faraday's law (56:56) Play Video
28 Magnetic Energy (58:18) Play Video
29 Magnetic Energy 1 (58:01) Play Video
30 Magnetic Energy 2 (01:04:11) Play Video
31 Generalised Ampere's Law (57:58) Play Video
32 The Wave Equation (58:20) Play Video
33 The Wave Equation 2 (57:33) Play Video
34 Poynting Theorem (58:08) Play Video
35 Skin Effect (58:44) Play Video
36 Skin Effect (Cont.) (57:09) Play Video
37 Radiation & Circuits (53:21) Play Video
38 Phasor Form of Poynting Theorem (58:23) Play Video
39 Reflection at Dielectric Boundaries (59:17) Play Video
40 Reflection at Dielectric Boundaries (Cont.) (57:49) Play Video
41 Transmission Lines (57:25) Play Video
42 Transmission Lines (cont.) & Conclusion (58:49) Play Video


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abrham wrote 10 years ago.
i apritaite u all the lessons u have given me

this is very important and avaital for students to


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