Electronics For Analog Signal Processing (Part I)

Course Description

In this course, Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao gives 38 video lectures on the concepts Electronics For Analog Signal Processing. Some of the topics covered in this course include: Diode, Rectifier, Voltage Multiplier, Full Wave Rectifier, Peak Detector, Analog GATE, Varactor Diode, Amplifiers, Cascading of Amplifiers, Two Port Analysis, Distortion In Amplifiers, Bipolar Junction Transistor, Metal Oxide Semiconductor, NMOS Inverters, CMOS Inverters and many more.

Electronics For Analog Signal Processing (Part I)
Prof. K. Radhakrishna in Lecture 20: Bipolar Junction Transistor.


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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction (50:11) Play Video
2 Diode (50:41) Play Video
3 Diode Characteristics (51:38) Play Video
4 Rectifier (51:49) Play Video
5 Voltage Multiplier (56:05) Play Video
6 Full Wave Rectifier and Peak Detector (49:08) Play Video
7 Diode as a GATE (53:03) Play Video
8 Analog GATE (51:07) Play Video
9 Small Signal Analysis of Diode Circuit (50:43) Play Video
10 Zener Regulator and Voltage Regulator (50:12) Play Video
11 Varactor Diode (51:05) Play Video
12 Amplifiers (53:29) Play Video
13 Cascading of Amplifiers (Part I) (52:31) Play Video
14 Cascading of Amplifiers (Part II) (50:16) Play Video
15 H and G Parameters (49:55) Play Video
16 Two Port Analysis (52:15) Play Video
17 Amplifier Applications (50:36) Play Video
18 Frequency Limitations Of An Amplifier (51:59) Play Video
19 Distortion In Amplifiers (55:52) Play Video
20 Bipolar Junction Transistor (54:22) Play Video
21 Transistor Invertor (56:09) Play Video
22 Transistor Biasing (54:35) Play Video
23 Stable Way of Biasing (59:04) Play Video
24 Comman Emiter Amplifiers (54:57) Play Video
24 Comman Emiter Amplifiers (54:57) Play Video
24 Comman Emiter Amplifiers (54:57) Play Video
25 Transistor Biasing Using Single Supply (55:51) Play Video
26 Metal Oxide Semiconductor (56:41) Play Video
27 Construction of a MOSFET (56:39) Play Video
28 Varieties of MOSFETS and JFETS (52:33) Play Video
28 Varieties of MOSFETS and JFETS (52:33) Play Video
28 Varieties of MOSFETS and JFETS (52:33) Play Video
29 Characteristics of MOSFET (52:09) Play Video
30 Cascading Amplifiers (51:28) Play Video
31 Cascading (Direct Coupling) (55:07) Play Video
31 Cascading (Direct Coupling) (55:07) Play Video
32 The Differential Amplifiers (58:18) Play Video
33 BJT Differential Amplifiers (50:20) Play Video
34 MOSFET Differential Amplifiers (51:17) Play Video
35 Cascading Differential Amplifiers (51:56) Play Video
36 Current Source and Current Sink (55:14) Play Video
37 NMOS Inverters and CMOS Inverters (51:59) Play Video
38 Active Components used in Electronics (45:43) Play Video


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AMIT BOHRA wrote 8 years ago.
Sir, I am very thankful to you. I am big fan of yours after
listing ur video lectures. I have listened ur all video
lectures. thank u very much sir.

HAFIZ HASSAN wrote 8 years ago.
give me a book

kishor wrote 10 years ago.
good teaching videos

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