Stanford-Woods Energy Seminar - Winter 2009

About The Professor

Dr. Schipper, the founder of EMBARQ, is currently Project Scientist for Global Metropolitan Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and Senior Research Engineer for the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University. He has worked as a guest researcher at the OECD Development Centre, Paris, and was a transport adviser to the Shell Foundation. From 1995 until 2001, Dr. Schipper was a senior scientist at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Paris. He was on leave from his post as a staff senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), CA, from which he retired in 2001.

Dr. Schipper is a member of the Global Business Network and a senior associate of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. He has been a fellow at the Industry and Energy Department of the World Bank, and a visiting researcher with Group Planning, Shell International Petroleum Company, London, in the mid 1980s. Dr. Schipper spent six months at the Swedish Heating Society in Stockholm (1982-3) and one year (1977-8) as a Fulbright scholar at the Beijer Institute, Stockholm. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ “Sustainable Transport” committee and served on the Swedish TRB Environment committee for four years. Dr. Schipper obtained his bachelor’s degree in music from Berkeley in 1968 and his doctorate in astrophysics in 1985. He still leads a jazz quintet, and recorded “The Phunky Physicist” in Sweden in 1973.

Lee Schipper
Lee Schipper
Name: Lee Schipper
Institution: Stanford University