Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics

Course Description

Mechanics, the study of forces and physical bodies, underpins a very large proportion of all forms of engineering. A thorough understanding of mechanics is essential to any successful engineer. This course helps develop an understanding of the nature of forces with consideration for how they may be simplified in an engineering context. The conditions of equilibrium are then used to solve a number of problems in 2D and 3D before moving on to a broad range of topics including centroids, distributed loads, friction and virtual work. The course will also provide an introduction to dynamics, with a particular focus on the effects that forces have upon motion.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Scalars and Vectors Play Video
2 Parallelogram Law and Triangle Method Play Video
3 Unit Vectors and Components Play Video
4 Vectors Example Play Video
5 Vector Tower Example Play Video
6 3D Vectors Play Video
7 3D Vector Example (Part 1) Play Video
8 3D Vectors Example (Part 2) Play Video
9 Introduction to Forces Play Video
10 Introduction to Moments Play Video
11 Moment Example 1 Play Video
12 Moment Example 2 Play Video
13 Moments and Couple Moments Play Video
14 Equivalent Systems Theory and Example Play Video
15 Distrubuted Loads Play Video
16 Solving Distributed Loads and Triangular Loads Play Video
17 Resolving Forces Advanced Example Play Video
18 Introduction to Equilibrium Play Video
19 Introduction to Free Body Diagrams (FBD) Play Video
20 Free Body Diagram Example Play Video
21 Introduction to Supports: Roller, Pin, Fixed Play Video
22 Simply Supported Beams Free Body Diagram Example Play Video
23 Cantilever Free Body Diagram Example Play Video
24 Advanced Free Body Diagram Beam Example Play Video
25 Introduction to Axial & Shear Forces and Bending Moments Play Video
26 Axial, Shear and Bending Diagrams Play Video
27 Method of Sections Play Video
28 Method of Sections Simple Example Play Video
29 Method of Sections Advanced Example Part 1 Play Video
30 Method of Sections Advanced Example Part 2 Play Video
31 Introduction to Hooke's Law Play Video
32 Hooke's Law and Stress vs Strain Play Video
33 Stress vs Strain Diagram Play Video
34 Rectilinear Motion | Play Video
35 Rectilinear Motion Examples | Play Video
36 Rectilinear Motion with Variable Acceleration | Play Video
37 Curvilinear Motion | Play Video
38 Projectile Motion | Play Video
39 Projectile Motion Formulae Derivations | Play Video
40 Circular Motion and Cylindrical Coordinates | Play Video
41 Polar Coordinates Example | Play Video
42 Newton's Laws and Kinetics | Play Video
43 Introduction to Work | Play Video
44 Work Example | Play Video
45 Power and Efficiency | Play Video
46 Work and Energy Example | Play Video
47 Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy & Conservation | Play Video
48 Conservation of Mechanical Energy Example | Play Video
49 Introduction to Impulse and Momentum | Play Video
50 Impulse, Momentum, Velocity Example 1 | Play Video
51 Impulse, Momentum, Velocity Example 2 | Play Video
52 Introduction to Impact | Play Video
53 Central Impact Example | Play Video
54 Shear Force Diagram Example Play Video
55 Bending Moment Diagram Example Play Video
56 Shear and Bending Diagrams Play Video
57 Beam Analysis Example Part 1 Play Video
58 Beam Analysis Example Part 2 Play Video
59 Introduction to Trusses Play Video
60 Types of Trusses and Design Assumptions Play Video
61 Method of Joints Truss Example Play Video
62 Advanced Method of Joints Truss Example Play Video
63 Introduction to Method of Sections Play Video
64 Method of Sections Theory Play Video
65 Method of Sections Truss Example Play Video
66 Simple Frame Example Play Video
67 Advanced Frames Example Play Video
68 Introduction to Friction Play Video
69 Static Friction Example Play Video
70 Tipping vs Slipping Friction Play Video
71 Introduction to Hyrdostatic Forces | Hyd Play Video
72 Hydrostatic Forces Example | Hyd Play Video
73 Centroids Play Video
74 Finding Centroids by Integration Play Video
75 Centroids of Composite Shapes Example Play Video
76 Moment of Inertia Play Video
77 Moment of Inertia Standard Shapes Play Video
78 Parallel Axis Theorem Part 1 Play Video
79 Parallel Axis Theorem Part 2 Play Video
80 Average Normal Stress Play Video
81 Average Stress Example Play Video
82 Shear Stress Example Play Video
83 Strain Play Video


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