Excel 2013 Tutorials: Advanced Formulas and Functions

About The Professor

Dennis is the author of Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 and a co-author of four other books on spreadsheet software. He has developed customized Excel courses for specific clients, and has recorded over over 140 hours of Excel training courses for Lynda.com. Since 2006 he has presented over 500 public webinars on a variety of Excel topics.

A former employee of Levi Strauss, the University of Colorado, Amoco Oil, and the federal government, Dennis has taught over 5,000 seminars and classes. He has also led numerous training sessions with Apple, IBM, Lexmark, Texaco, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman and various federal and state agencies.

Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor
Name: Dennis Taylor
Institution: Lynda.com
Website: http://excel-train.com/about/