Fluid Mechanics in Chemical Engineering

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Research Interests:

Dr. Victor Ugaz is associate professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University and holder of the Kenneth R. Hall Development Professorship. His research focuses on harnessing the unique characteristics of transport and flow at the microscale to enable development of advanced DNA analysis technologies. Areas of investigation include learning how to control electrophoretic migration of DNA and proteins in microchannels; using convective flow fields to execute thermally driven biochemical reactions such as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in a faster an more efficient manner; designing novel geometries to mix chemical species in microchannels by exploiting secondary flow phenomena; developing new techniques that help understand how to manipulate and tailor the bulk properties of hydrogels by controlling their nanoporous morphology; and developing new polymer materials and processes to enable rapid and inexpensive construction of microfluidic devices.

Victor Ugaz
Victor Ugaz
Name: Victor Ugaz
Institution: Texas A&M University
Website: http://engineering.tamu.edu/biomedical/people/ugaz-victor