Physics 210: General Physics I

Course Description

In this algebra-based course, UMKC Prof. Robert Riggs gives 26 video lectures on fundamental principles of physics including mechanics, heat and energy, and applications of these principles to different interdisciplinary natural science. Other topics covered in this course are:

- Measurement, Units, Unit Analysis, Sig-Figs and Problem Solving
- Velocity, Speed, Displacement, Distance & Acceleration
- Kinematic Equations & Free Fall
- Free Fall, Vector Components, Vector Addition
- Vectors & An Intro to Projectile Motion
- Projectile Motion from a Horizontal Cliff
- Introduction to Forces: Newton's Law I & Newton's Law II
- Newton's Third Law
- Free Body Diagrams & Friction
- How to solve force vector problems
- Work, Energy, Conservation of Energy, Hooke's Law
- Work Energy Theorem
- Impulse, Conservation of Linear Momentum
- Linear Momentum
- Circular Motion
- Rotational Dynamics
- URotational Energy
- Angular Momentum, Stress & Strain
- Ping-Pong Gun & Buoyant Force
- Bernoulli Equation
- Ideal Gas Law
- Heat, Specific Heat, Phase Change, Conduction, Convection, Radiation
- Simple Harmonic Motion

Physics 210: General Physics I
Prof. Robert Riggs in Lecture 26: Simple Harmonic Motion.


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AFraz wrote 11 years ago.
best ideas

holden wrote 11 years ago.
thank you for this opportunity to expand my education and
even my mind

Mohammed wrote 11 years ago.

Supriya Parida wrote 11 years ago.
These lectures help us very much.Thank u....

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