Gymnastics for Beginners

Course Description

In this course, former German National Gymnastics Champion, Sibylle Walters, gives 20 easy lessons for beginners learning gymnastics. Some of the moves covered are: Hand Stands, Back Extension Rolls, Headstands, Knees and Hand Drills, Tumbling Stretches, Standing Handsprings, Cartwheels and many more.

Gymnastics for Beginners
Lesson 1: Back Handsprings on a Trampoline.


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Carol wrote 6 years ago. - Delete
Im exited to learn.

madison wrote 6 years ago. - Delete

Kadenz Pace wrote 6 years ago. - Delete
I really really really really want to be in gymnastics so so
so so badly!!!!!!!

Arnell Golden wrote 8 years ago. - Delete
I really want to be in gymnastics

loren bell wrote 9 years ago.
I think that you should give sugestings on what to do. Like
giving tips on how to strech and start off with things that
you have at their house.

but face wrote 9 years ago.
good i can do this

Anais wrote 9 years ago.
I do gymnastics now and I am really confident I am only nine
as well and I have learned my ariel!!!
A big thank you to wigan seagulls gymnastics club for
helping me!!!!

Melika wrote 11 years ago.
I go to dance class and now I want to go to gymnastics

Sarah wrote 11 years ago.
I am 11 years old and i reaaaaallllyyy want to do gymnastics
but my parents wont sign me up cuz the outfits arent modest
enough do you know a gymnastics teacher that would let me
wear a more conservative outfit?

Mariita wrote 11 years ago.
i like,want and will do gymnastics

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