Heat Transfer

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LearnChemE features faculty prepared engineering education resources for students and instructors produced by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and funded by the National Science Foundation, Shell, and the Engineering Excellence Fund. In this course, LearnChemE covers topics in heat transfer, such as conduction, convection, and radiation.

Heat Transfer
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Heat Transfer Basics (007:11) Play Video
2 Introduction to Heat Transfer - Potato Example (007:57) Play Video
3 Heat Transfer Parameters and Units (006:00) Play Video
4 Heat Flux: Temperature Distribution (007:30) Play Video
5 Conduction Equation Derivation (006:25) Play Video
6 Heat Equation Derivation (0011:16) Play Video
7 Heat Equation Derivation: Cylindrical Coordinates (007:28) Play Video
8 Boundary Conditions (008:18) Play Video
9 Thermal Circuits Introduction (007:03) Play Video
10 Thermal Circuits: Temperatures in a Composite Wall (006:53) Play Video
11 Composite Wall: Maximum Temperature (0010:09) Play Video
12 Temperature Distribution for a Cylinder (007:48) Play Video
13 Rate of Heat Generation (004:21) Play Video
14 Uniform Heat Generation: Maximum Temperature (005:29) Play Video
15 Heat Loss from a Cylindrical Pin Fin (0011:24) Play Video
16 Heat Loss from a Rectangular Fin (0018:12) Play Video
17 Maximum Temperature for a Rectangular Fin (009:07) Play Video
18 Methods for Solving Transient Conduction Problems (008:13) Play Video
19 Lumped Capacitance Introduction (007:37) Play Video
20 Lumped Capacitance: Temperature of a Sphere (009:28) Play Video
21 Transient Conduction in a Sphere (Part I) (006:26) Play Video
22 Transient Conduction in a Sphere (Part II) (005:26) Play Video
23 Transient Conduction: One-Term Approximation (008:00) Play Video
24 Modeling Heat Transfer along a Semi-Infinite Medium (007:10) Play Video
25 Solving Convection Problems (006:30) Play Video
26 Flow over a Flat Plate (007:30) Play Video
27 Laminar Flow: Flat Plate Surface Temperature (008:19) Play Video
28 Solar Cell (Part I): Heat Transfer Coefficient (005:39) Play Video
29 Solar Cell (Part II): Surface Temperature (006:46) Play Video
30 Heat Transfer Rate: Tube Bank (009:25) Play Video
31 Rod Center-line Temperature (008:10) Play Video
32 Introduction to Blasius Solutions (0010:47) Play Video
33 Blasius Solution for Boundary Layer Thickness (006:14) Play Video
34 Shear Stress at a Wall: Blasius Solutions (005:54) Play Video
35 Blasius Solution for the y-Component of Velocity (004:49) Play Video
36 y-Component of Velocity at a Boundary Layer (003:42) Play Video
37 Outlet Mean Temperature (006:02) Play Video
38 Heat Transfer Rate: Cross-Section Orientation (005:39) Play Video
39 Nucleate Boiling Example (006:09) Play Video
40 Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger: Outlet Temperature (Bio) (005:42) Play Video
41 Heat Exchanger: Mass Flow Rate (005:59) Play Video
42 Sizing a Heat Exchanger: Parallel Flow (009:10) Play Video
43 Sizing a Heat Exchanger: Counter-Flow (006:44) Play Video
44 Excel Solver Introduction (006:11) Play Video
45 Laminar, Fully-Developed Internal Flow Through a Pipe (009:41) Play Video
46 NTU Effectiveness Method (003:57) Play Video
47 NTU Effectiveness: Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger (006:07) Play Video
48 Log Mean Temperature Difference (003:09) Play Video
49 How to Calculate Heat Duty (007:09) Play Video
50 Estimates for Heat Transfer Coefficients (003:25) Play Video
51 Local and Average Heat Transfer Coefficients (006:03) Play Video
52 Internal Flow with Constant Surface Temperature (007:01) Play Video
53 Contact Resistance (006:48) Play Video
54 Contact Resistance Example (004:39) Play Video
55 Film Pool Boiling (008:07) Play Video
56 Nucleate Pool Boiling (007:06) Play Video
57 Nucleate Pool Boiling: Unit Conversion (003:08) Play Video
58 Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Rectangular Coordinates (003:10) Play Video
59 View Factors (009:51) Play Video
60 Surface Temperature for a Cylindrical Pipe (009:28) Play Video
61 Internal Flow with Constant Surface Heat Flux (006:29) Play Video
62 Net Radiative Heat Transfer Rate from a Surface (003:14) Play Video
63 Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces (007:51) Play Video
64 Temperature of a Radiation Shield (004:32) Play Video
65 Heat Generation in a Pipe (004:31) Play Video
66 Properties of Radiative Heat Transfer (007:11) Play Video


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