High School Mathematics: Algebra 2

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In this series, the very helpful and funny math teacher Mr. Rob Tarrou covers the entire Algebra 2 curriculum for high school students. His videos are friendly, easy to understand, entertaining, and very well organized, all thanks to a great dedication to teaching and enthusiasm for mathematics

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All rights reserved to Mr. Tarrou. Please visit official website for more information: http://www.profrobbob.com/
High School Mathematics: Algebra 2
Mr. Tarrou in lesson 47, Rational Exponents & Simplifying Radicals.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Algebraic Expression
1 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions (19:04) Play Video
2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Combining Like Terms (20:54) Play Video
3 Writing Algebraic Expressions from Word Problems (21:17) Play Video
II. Solving Equations and Inequalities
4 Solving Linear Equations (15:00) Play Video
5 Solving 1 Variable Multi-Step Inequalities & Compound Inequalities (25:21) Play Video
6 Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities (25:30) Play Video
7 Function vs Relation (24:34) Play Video
8 Solving Equations with 2 Absolute Value Functions or More (30:02) Play Video
III. Types of Variations
9 Direct Variation (19:30) Play Video
10 Inverse Variation (22:30) Play Video
11 Joint and Combined Variation (18:26) Play Video
IV. Linear Functions, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
12 Rate of Change Slope & Point Slope Equation of Lines (14:51) Play Video
13 Graphing Lines in Slope-Intercept form y=mx+b (13:21) Play Video
14 Graphing lines using X & Y Intercepts (9:25) Play Video
15 Equations of Lines and Graphing (13:35) Play Video
16 Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (15:00) Play Video
17 Solving Linear Systems with Substitution and Linear Combination (14:58) Play Video
18 Given a Tangent Line & Circle Find the Point of Tangency (30:10) Play Video
19 Distance Between Point and Line (18:57) Play Video
V. Graphing Linear and Non-Linear Inequalities
20 Graphing Linear Inequalities (14:59) Play Video
21 Graphing 1 Variable Inequalities (10:46) Play Video
22 Graphing System of Linear Inequalities (17:14) Play Video
23 Solving 3 Variable Linear Systems Substitution / Gaussian Elimination (25:10) Play Video
24 Graphing Non-Linear Inequalities (27:23) Play Video
VI. Operations with Polynomials
25 Determining Domain of Functions (12:38) Play Video
26 Properties of Exponents Multiplication & Power (24:21) Play Video
27 Multiplying Polynomials Distributive Property (15:28) Play Video
28 Properties of Exponents Simplifying Quotients Negative Exponents (17:31) Play Video
29 Negative Exponents and Power of Zero (19:33) Play Video
VII. Factoring Techniques
30 Factoring Overview (10:49) Play Video
31 Factoring Monomials from a Polynomial (14:50) Play Video
32 Factoring Polynomials Difference of Squares (15:26) Play Video
33 Factoring Polynomials Sum Difference of Cubes (11:01) Play Video
34 Factoring Quadratic Trinomial x^2+bx+c Polynomial (18:25) Play Video
35 Factoring Quadratic Trinomial ax^2+bx+c (14:51) Play Video
36 Factoring by Grouping (15:35) Play Video
VIII. More Operations with Polynomials
37 Simplifying Complex Fractions (20:28) Play Video
38 Cooperative Work Word Problems (Time to Finish) (12:18) Play Video
39 Alligation or Percent Mixture Problems (20:41) Play Video
IX. Quadratic Equations & Graphing Parabolas
40 Graphing Parabolas w/ vertex & intercepts (15:00) Play Video
41 Parabola Applications Maximizing Minimizing Reflectors, etc (12:09) Play Video
X. Radicals and Rational Exponents
42 Simplifying Numerical Square Roots (13:04) Play Video
43 Simplifying Square Roots (Radicals) with Variables (19:12) Play Video
44 Multiplying & Dividing Radicals Properties of Roots (28:51) Play Video
45 Solving Equations with Radicals (23:47) Play Video
46 Equations with Radicals (23:47) Play Video
47 Rational Exponents & Simplifying Radicals (26:09) Play Video
48 Solving Equations Rational Exponents (11:39) Play Video
XI. Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratic Equation, Rationalizing Denominators
49 Pythagorean Theorem (17:43) Play Video
50 Pythagorean Theorem Algebraic Examples (17:08) Play Video
51 Converse Pythagorean Theorem & Triples (19:23) Play Video
52 Rationalizing Square Roots from Monomial Denominator (10:49) Play Video
53 Rationalizing Square Roots from Binomial Denominator (13:58) Play Video
54 Completing the Square to Solve Quadratic Equations (19:43) Play Video
55 Quadratic Formula Derivation (10:35) Play Video
56 Quadratic Formula to Solve Quadratic Equations (21:44) Play Video
XII. Introduction to Complex Numbers
57 Complex (imaginary) Numbers Part 1 (15:01) Play Video
58 Complex (imaginary) Numbers Part 2 (7:48) Play Video
XIII. Solving Non-Linear Systems Substitution and Elimination Method
59 2 Variable Non Linear Systems Substitution Method (10:56) Play Video
60 2 Variable Non Linear Systems Addition/Elimination Method (17:39) Play Video
61 Long Division of Polynomials (14:23) Play Video
62 Synthetic Division & Remainder Theorem (13:07) Play Video
63 Finding polynomials using the Linear Factorization Theorem (15:00) Play Video
64 Even and Odd Functions Many Examples (32:24) Play Video
65 Solving Higher Order Polynomials Pt 1 Rational Zeros Descartes Rule (14:00) Play Video
66 Solving Higher Order Polynomials Pt 2 Rational Zeros Descartes Rule (10:28) Play Video
67 Polynomial Graphs Part 1 (14:44) Play Video
68 Polynomial Graphs Part 2 (14:48) Play Video
69 Combining Functions & Function Operations (14:13) Play Video
70 Combining Functions Function Operations (13:11) Play Video
71 Composition of Functions (10:19) Play Video
72 Graphing Exponential Functions w/ t-table or Transformations (14:27) Play Video
73 Inverse Functions (14:42) Play Video
74 Logarithm Introduction (14:26) Play Video
75 Graphing Logarithms (13:57) Play Video
76 Using Properties of Logarithms to Expand Logs (13:50) Play Video
77 Using Properties of Logarithms to Condense Logs (11:52) Play Video
78 Change of Base Formula Logarithms (9:59) Play Video
79 Solving Equations with Logarithms Pt 1 (13:25) Play Video
80 Solving Equations with Logarithms Pt 2 (14:21) Play Video
81 Solving Equations with Logarithms Pt 3 (8:15) Play Video
82 Finding vertical asymptotes and holes of rational equations (14:29) Play Video
83 Horizontal Asymptotes of rational equations (13:55) Play Video
84 Graphing Rational Functions Part 1 (10:46) Play Video
85 Graphing Rational Functions Part 2 (11:29) Play Video
86 Graphing Rational Functions with Slant Asymptotes (12:11) Play Video
87 Rational Algebraic Expressions Simplified (26:00) Play Video
88 Sum and Difference of Rational Expressions (20:37) Play Video
89 Product & Quotient of Rational Expressions (17:34) Play Video
90 Solving Rational Equations (17:16) Play Video
91 Solving Rational Inequalities (14:09) Play Video
92 Factorial Notation (18:18) Play Video
93 Summation Notation (Sigma) (17:36) Play Video
94 Intro to Sequences (17:51) Play Video
95 Arithmetic Sequence Introduction (16:45) Play Video
96 Arithmetic Means (9:45) Play Video
97 Partial Sum Arithmetic Sequence (10:38) Play Video
98 Intro to Geometric Sequences (12:28) Play Video
99 Geometric Means in a Geometric Sequence (19:50) Play Video
100 Partial Sum Geometric Sequences (11:58) Play Video
101 Infinite Sum Geometric Series (11:57) Play Video
102 Converting Repeating Decimal to a Fraction (11:27) Play Video
103 Graphing Parabolas in Standard Form (25:40) Play Video
104 Applications of Parabolas in Standard Form (12:04) Play Video
105 Graphing Ellipses & Circles (32:34) Play Video
106 Application of Ellipses (21:35) Play Video
107 Finding Equations of Conics from Given Conditions (23:45) Play Video
108 Graphing Hyperbolas in Standard Form (36:53) Play Video
109 Application of Hyperbolas (16:31) Play Video
110 Binomial Theorem Introduction to Raise Binomials to High Powers (20:53) Play Video


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