High School Mathematics: Geometry

Course Description

In this series, the very helpful and fun math teacher Mr. Tarrou teaches students an entire course on geometry from start to finish. His videos are friendly, easy to understand, entertaining, and very well organized, all thanks to Mr. Tarrou great dedication to teaching and mathusiasm

High School Mathematics: Geometry
Mr. Tarrou teaching Lecture 45: Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares during the holiday season.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials: http://www.profrobbob.com/geometry

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Points Lines & Planes in Geometry (28:15) Play Video
2 More Postulates & Theorems Points, Lines, & Planes (24:44) Play Video
3 Segment, Ray, Distance on a Number Line (27:20) Play Video
4 Introduction to Angles (32:30) Play Video
5 Special Angle Pairs (24:43) Play Video
6 Basic Constructions Segment & Angle (11:15) Play Video
7 Angle and Segment Bisector Constructions (10:26) Play Video
8 Distance Formula & Pythagorean Theorem (22:52) Play Video
9 Midpoint Formula (21:24) Play Video
10 Perimeter of a Plane Region (32:37) Play Video
11 Area of a Plane Region (24:46) Play Video
12 Deductive Reasoning If Then Statements (18:27) Play Video
13 Intro to 2 Column Geometry Proofs (27:51) Play Video
14 Congruent Angles (21:07) Play Video
15 Parallel Lines & Skew Lines, Angles formed by a Transversal (18:36) Play Video
16 Parallel Lines & Transversal Angles (23:02) Play Video
17 Proving Lines Parallel (21:34) Play Video
18 Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Proof (14:24) Play Video
19 Angles of Triangles and Parallel Lines (27:43) Play Video
20 Graphing Lines in Slope-Intercept form y=mx+b (13:21) Play Video
21 Equations of Lines and Graphing (13:35) Play Video
22 Rate of Change Slope & Point Slope Equation of Lines (14:51) Play Video
23 Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (15:00) Play Video
24 Congruent Polygons & Third Angle Theorem (26:24) Play Video
25 Congruent Triangles SSS SAS (24:48) Play Video
26 Congruent Triangles ASA AAS (15:58) Play Video
27 Non Congruence Theorems AAA SSA (8:59) Play Video
28 CPCTC Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent (10:36) Play Video
29 Isosceles & Equilateral Triangle Properties (27:52) Play Video
30 Equilateral Triangle / Equiangular Triangle (19:55) Play Video
31 Congruent Right Triangles HL Hypotenuse Leg Theorem (26:05) Play Video
32 Triangle Midsegment Theorem (18:21) Play Video
33 Proving Midsegment Theorem (15:38) Play Video
34 Perpendicular Bisector Theorem (21:34) Play Video
35 Angle Bisector Theorem (18:25) Play Video
36 Triangle Perpendicular Bisectors & Circumcenter (23:19) Play Video
37 Triangle Angle Bisectors & Incenter (8:37) Play Video
38 Medians of Triangles & Centroid (17:35) Play Video
39 Altitudes of Triangles and Orthocenter (21:36) Play Video
40 Triangle Inequality Theorem (19:53) Play Video
41 Hinge Theorem Inequalities 2 Triangles (12:07) Play Video
42 Polygon Angle Sum Theorems (22:00) Play Video
43 Properties of Parallelograms (19:23) Play Video
44 Proving Quadrilaterals are Parallelograms (18:50) Play Video
45 Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares (25:59) Play Video
46 More Examples Rhombus & Rectangle (24:20) Play Video
47 Properties of Trapezoids & Mid Segment Theorem (18:06) Play Video
48 Properties of Kites (19:21) Play Video
49 Polygons in Coordinate Plane (26:18) Play Video
50 Ratios & Proportions (28:37) Play Video
51 Proportions and Similar Polygons / Similar Figures (24:29) Play Video
52 Proving Triangles are Similar AA SAS SSS (21:39) Play Video
53 Similarity in Right Triangles (31:21) Play Video
54 Side Splitter Theorem Proportions in Triangles (16:05) Play Video
55 Proportions in Triangles Angle Bisector (15:53) Play Video
56 Pythagorean Theorem (17:43) Play Video
57 Converse Pythagorean Theorem & Triples (19:23) Play Video
58 Special Right Triangles 45-45-90 30-60-90 (26:07) Play Video
59 Right Triangle Trigonometry Part 1: Finding Missing Sides (13:48) Play Video
60 Right Triangle Trigonometry Part 2: Solving for Acute Angles (4:23) Play Video
61 Angle of Elevation and Depression Right Triangle Trig (27:21) Play Video
62 Area Parallelograms and Triangles (29:19) Play Video
63 Area Trapezoid Rhombus Kite (27:28) Play Video
64 Area of Regular Polygon Introduction with Hexagon Examples (29:29) Play Video
65 Area Regular Polygons with Trigonometry (22:14) Play Video
66 Perimeter and Area Ratios of Similar Figures (22:52) Play Video
67 Circle Intro and Arc Length (29:47) Play Video
68 Sector and Segment Area in Circles (27:25) Play Video
69 Segment Area in Circles Quicker Methods (14:45) Play Video
70 Geometric Probabilities Length (18:55) Play Video
71 Geometric Probabilities Area (20:30) Play Video
72 Surface Area of a Right Prism (21:34) Play Video
73 Surface Area Of a Cylinder (21:30) Play Video
74 Surface Area of a Regular Pyramid Non-Trig Examples (25:24) Play Video
75 Surface Area of a Pyramid with Trigonometry (19:41) Play Video
76 Surface Area of a Cone (18:30) Play Video
77 Volume of a Prism & Volume of a Cylinder (28:11) Play Video
78 Volume of a Pyramid 3 Examples (18:18) Play Video
79 Volume of a Cone 3 Examples (19:01) Play Video
80 Surface Area of a Sphere & Volume of a Sphere (24:59) Play Video
81 Tangent Lines to Circles (27:45) Play Video
82 Given a Tangent Line & Circle Find the Point of Tangency (30:10) Play Video
83 Chords Arcs and Diameters in Circle (32:01) Play Video
84 Inscribed Angles in Circles and Tangent Lines (25:54) Play Video
85 Angles in Circles Chords Secants Tangents and Arcs (27:35) Play Video
86 Segment Lengths in Circles with Chords, Secants, and Tangents (18:02) Play Video


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