Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible

Course Description

Beginning with ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia, and finishing with the Roman world of the New Testament, this wide ranging series of lectures will acquaint the student with the major personalities and civilizations that comprise the context of the biblical story. The stories of the Bible take on rich meaning as they are understood against the backdrop of the great events of the ancient world.

This series of lectures will serve as a companion to the textbook by Bruce, which goes by the same title.

Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to the Historical Context of the Bible Play Video
2 Genesis 1 and Enuma Elish Play Video
3 Noah's Flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh Play Video
4 Abraham in Historical Context Play Video
5 Moses and the Code of Hammurabi Play Video
6 The Adventures of Abraham in Egypt Play Video
7 Joseph and the Hyksos Pharaohs Play Video
8 Exodus and the 18th Dynasty Play Video
9 Egypt and the Era of the Israelite Judges Play Video
10 The Hittites and the Era of the Israelite Judges Play Video
11 The Assyrian Empire and the Israelite Monarchy Play Video
12 The Assyrian Empire and Jonah Play Video
13 The Assyrian Empire, Isaiah and King Ahaz Play Video
14 Hezekiah, Sennacherib, and Big Surprises Play Video
15 Manasseh and the End of the Assyrian Empire Play Video
16 Assyria Falls, Babylon Rises, and Josiah Reforms Play Video
17 Nebuchadnezzar and Jeremiah's Letter to the Exiles Play Video
18 Jehoiachin, Belshazzar, and the Fall of Babylon Play Video
19 Cyrus and the Liberation of God's People Play Video
20 Darius and the Completion of the Second Temple Play Video
21 Xerxes the Great and Queen Esther Play Video
22 Artaxerxes, Ezra, and Nehemiah Play Video
23 The Greeks Seek for Wisdom Play Video
24 Alexander the Great and the Old Testament Play Video
25 The Hellenistic Age: Alexander to Antiochus III Play Video
26 Antiochus Epiphanes and the Maccabees Play Video
27 The Roman Empire and Nebuchadnezzar's Vision Play Video
28 Lessons from Rome's Seven Kings Play Video
29 The Rise of the Roman Republic Play Video
30 Rome and Israel Collide Play Video
31 Augustus Caesar and Imperial Rome Play Video
32 Herod the Great Play Video
33 Tiberius and Christian Beginnings Play Video
34 Caligula, Agrippa, and a Sermon to Cornelius Play Video
35 Claudius and the Journeys of Paul Play Video
36 Nero and Imperial Persecution of Christians Play Video
37 The Fall of Jerusalem and the Apocalypse Play Video


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