The History of Mathematics

Course Description

In this course, Prof. N.J. Wildberger from UNSW provides a great overview of the history of the development of mathematics. The course roughly follows John Stillwell's book 'Mathematics and its History' (Springer, 3rd ed)Starting with the ancient Greeks, we discuss Arab, Chinese and Hindu developments, polynomial equations and algebra, analytic and projective geometry, calculus and infinite series, number theory, mechanics and curves, complex numbers and algebra, differential geometry, topology and hyperbolic geometry.  This course is meant for a broad audience, not necessarily mathematics majors. All backgrounds are welcome to take the course and enjoy learning about the origins of mathematical ideas. Generally the emphasis will be on mathematical ideas and results, but largely without proofs, with a main eye on the historical flow of ideas. At UNSW, this is MATH3560 and GENS2005. NJ Wildberger is also the developer of Rational Trigonometry: a new and better way of learning and using trigonometry.

The History of Mathematics
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 History of Pythagoras' theorem (48:55) Play Video
2 History of Pythagoras' Theorem II (23:26) Play Video
3 History of Greek Geometry I (50:41) Play Video
4 History of Greek Geometry II (24:40) Play Video
5 History of Greek Number Theory (42:04) Play Video
6 History of Greek Number Theory II (24:41) Play Video
7 Infinity in Greek Mathematics (54:08) Play Video
8 History of Number Theory and Algebra in Asia (49:46) Play Video
9 History of Number Theory and Algebra in Asia II (22:53) Play Video
10 History of Polynomial Equations (52:41) Play Video
11 History of Polynomial Equations II (14:06) Play Video
12 History of Analytic Geometry and the Continuum (56:35) Play Video
13 History of Analytic Geometry and the Continuum II (24:34) Play Video
14 History of Projective Geometry (1:09:42) Play Video
15 History of Calculus (1:00:00) Play Video
16 History of Infinite series (1:11:01) Play Video
17 Mechanics and the Solar System (51:03) Play Video
18 History of Non-Euclidean Geometry (50:52) Play Video
19 The Number Theory Revival (57:12) Play Video
20 Mechanics and Curves (57:51) Play Video
21 Complex Numbers and Algebra (1:07:16) Play Video
22 History of Differential Geometry (51:32) Play Video
23 History of Topology (55:48) Play Video
24 Hypercomplex Numbers (59:31) Play Video
25 History of Complex Numbers and Curves (57:56) Play Video
26 History of Group Theory (58:54) Play Video
27 History of Galois Theory I (43:54) Play Video
28 History of Galois Theory II (29:56) Play Video
29 History of Algebraic Number Theory and Rings I (48:27) Play Video
30 History of Algebraic Number Theory and Rings II (27:29) Play Video
31 Simple groups, Lie groups, and the Search for Symmetry I (26:26) Play Video
32 Simple groups, Lie groups, and the Search for Symmetry II (51:10) Play Video


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