A History of Philosophy with Dr. Arthur Holmes

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The complete lectures from Dr. Arthur Holmes' influential course, "A History of Philosophy," a collection of 81 lectures from the iconic professor at Wheaton College, Illinois.

A History of Philosophy with Dr. Arthur Holmes
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 The Beginning of Greek Philosophy Play Video
2 The Moral Universe in the Pre-Socractics Play Video
3 The Greek Sophists Play Video
4 Plato's Epistemology Play Video
5 Plato's Theory of Forms Play Video
6 Plato on God Play Video
7 God and Plato on the Human Soul Play Video
8 Plato's Ethics Play Video
9 Plato (conclusions) and Aristotle's Metaphysics Play Video
10 Aristotle's Metaphysics 1 Play Video
11 Aristotle's Metaphysics 2 Play Video
12 Aristotle's God Play Video
13 Aristotle's Epistemology and the Human Soul Play Video
14 Aristotle's Ethics Play Video
15 Epicurean Philosophy Play Video
16 Stoicism Play Video
17 Greek and Roman Skepticism Play Video
18 Middle and Neo-Platonism Play Video
19 Neo-Platonism and the Church Fathers Play Video
20 Augustine and Neo-Platonism Play Video
21 Augustine's Christian Philosophy Play Video
22 Early Medieval Philosophy Play Video
23 Problem of Universals Play Video
24 Thomas Aquinas' Christian Aristotelianism Play Video
25 Aquinas on God Play Video
26 Aquinas' Moral Psychology and Ethics Play Video
27 Duns Scotus and William of Ockham Play Video
28 Summing Up Ockham's Revolution Play Video
29 Francis Bacon Play Video
30 Thomas Hobbes Play Video
31 Descartes Play Video
32 Descartes' Meditations 1 Play Video
33 Descartes' Meditations 2 Play Video
34 Descartes on God and Nature Play Video
35 Descarte's Moral & Psychological Ethics Play Video
36 Spinoza Play Video
37 Reason and Emotions in Spinoza Play Video
38 Spinoza (continued), Leibniz Play Video
39 Leibinz's "Monads" Play Video
40 Leibniz on Evil Play Video
41 John Locke Play Video
42 John Locke's Theory of Ideas Play Video
43 Locke on Religion, Ethics, and Politics Play Video
44 George Berkeley's Idealism Play Video
45 Berkeley Replies to Objections Play Video
46 David Hume Play Video
47 Hume: Do We Know What's Real? Play Video
48 Hume on Religion and Ethics Play Video
49 Reactions to David Hume Play Video
50 Scottish Realism Play Video
51 Introducing Immanuel Kant Play Video
52 Kant's Epistemology Play Video
53 Kant on Understanding Play Video
54 Kant on Metaphysics Play Video
55 Kant's Ethics Play Video
56 German Idealism Play Video
57 Hegel Play Video
58 Hegel's Phenomenology of the Mind Play Video
59 Hegel on Absolute Spirit Play Video
60 Post-Hegelian Idealism Play Video
61 Whitehead's Process Philosophy Play Video
62 Whitehead and Process Theology Play Video
63 Whitehead's "Science and Modern World" Play Video
64 American Pragmatism Play Video
65 John Dewey Play Video
66 Dewey's "Reconstructive Philosophy" Play Video
67 Introduction to Existentialism Play Video
68 Historical Roots of Existentialism: Kierkegaard Play Video
69 Nietzsche and Introduction to Phenomenology Play Video
70 Husserl and Heidegger Play Video
71 Jean-Paul Satre Play Video
72 Other Phenomenologists Play Video
73 19th Century Empiricism Play Video
74 Bertrand Russell -- Logical Atomism Play Video
75 Ludwig Wittgenstein Play Video
76 Logical Positivism Play Video
77 A.J. Ayer — Language, Truth and Logic Play Video
78 Ordinary Language Philosophy Play Video
79 Ethics Since Logical Positivism Play Video
80 Philosophy of Language Play Video
81 Philosophy Today and Tomorrow Play Video


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Paul David Thomas wrote 5 years ago. - Delete
Simply marvelous. His manner of speaking makes it easy to
listen to these lectures for hours on end. His method of
instruction is one of a kind. I love this. :)

Trish wrote 5 years ago. - Delete
Absoltuely fabulous. What a wonderful gift to leave as a
legacy to humankind.

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