History & Systems of Psychology

Course Description

This course focuses on the history of Psychology in different ages from ancient concept to the most modern structure. It encompasses the lives as well as the concepts of all those philosophers/psychologists who worked for the subject directly or indirectly including Greek thinkers, Muslim philosophers, Renaissance, Associationists, French Revolution, German contributions, Industrial Revolution, Russian contributions, and different schools of thought. It includes effects of physical science and scientific look to mental disorders. Modern trends in psychological treatment and anti psychiatry movement are also topics of discussion in the subject. It also touches upon Psychology in third world, in Pakistan and in 21st century which of course is a very important topic.

History & Systems of Psychology
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials: http://ocw.vu.edu.pk/CourseDetails.aspx?cat=Psychology&course=PSY502

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 Ancient Greek Philosophy/Psychology Play Video
3 Greek Thinkers Play Video
4 Psychology In The 5th To 12th Century (Part 1) Play Video
5 Psychology In The 5th To 12th Century (Part 2) Play Video
6 Renaissance Play Video
7 Associationists (Part 1) Play Video
8 Associationists (Part 2) Play Video
9 German Contribution Play Video
10 Industrial Revolution Play Video
11 Russian Contributions (Part 1) Play Video
12 Russian Contributions (Part 2) Play Video
13 Impact Of Physical Sciences On Psychology Play Video
14 Structuralist School Of Psychology (Part 1) Play Video
15 Structuralist School Of Psychology (Part 2) Play Video
16 European Functionalists Play Video
17 Behaviorism (Part 1) Play Video
18 Behaviorism (Part 2) Play Video
19 Behaviorism (Part 3) Play Video
20 Neo-Behaviourists (Part 1) Play Video
21 Neo-Behaviourists (Part 2) Play Video
22 Gestalt Psychology (Part 1) Play Video
23 Gestalt Psychology (Part 2) Play Video
24 Gestalt School And Dynamic Psychology Play Video
25 Historico-Evolutionary Psychology (Part 1) Play Video
26 Historico-Evolutionary Psychology (Part 2) Play Video
27 Scientific Look At Mental Disorders Play Video
28 Scientific Look At Mental Illness Play Video
29 Sigmund Freud And The Psychoanalytic Movement (Part 1) Play Video
30 Sigmund Freud And The Psychoanalytic Movement (Part 2) Play Video
31 Carl Jung And Analytical Psychology Play Video
32 Jung’s Analytical Psychology Play Video
33 Alfred Adler And Individual Psychology Play Video
34 Neo-Freudians (Part 1) Play Video
35 Neo-Freudians (Part 2) Play Video
36 Erikson And Moreno Play Video
37 Humanistic Psychology Play Video
38 Modern Trends In Psychological Treatment (Part 1) Play Video
39 Modern Trends In Psychological Treatment (Part 2) Play Video
40 Anti-Psychiatry Movement Play Video
41 Psychology In The Third World Play Video
42 Psychology in the Third World: China And Pakistan Play Video
43 Psychology In The 21st Century (Part 1) Play Video
44 Psychology In The 21st Century (Part 2) Play Video
45 Psychology In The 21st Century (Part 3) Play Video


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