How to Play French Horn

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In this course, eHow Expert Katherine Liesener gives 23 video lessons on How To Play the French Horn. Learn basic tips and techniques for playing this brass instrument, including how to hold the horn, form proper embouchure, and changing pitch using your lips, the rotary valves, or by putting your hand in the bell. Also learn some intermediate French horn skills involving orchestral music, like how to play slurs, legato, glissando, staccato, and accent notes. Finally, get some practical care and maintenance tips for your horn, as well as some basic guidelines for creating a practice routine.

How to Play French Horn

eHow Expert Katherine Liesener in Lesson 23: How to Play the French Horn Standing Up.

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JiOgle wrote 13 years ago.
Ive been playing the french horn for 6 years(5th grade to
precent, 11th). Ive enjoyed playing the horn but greatly
struggle with it. All three of my school music teachers from
elementary school to high school have knowledge of the horn
but not the ability or methods of playing it. I live in
southern Illinois and cant find a local teacher. please

Hunter Arnold wrote 13 years ago.
I need some serious help on my 6th grade band french horn
and i would like it if kate could post some more videos to
help me.

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