How To Play Piano

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In this course, Andrew Furmanczyk, gives 40 video lessons on the basics of piano and how to play piano by yourself. There are many topics covered in these piano lessons ranging from the names of the notes, to the circle of fifths, to harmonic progressions, or even a lesson on how to perform for an audience.

The original name for this course is: Learn How To Play Piano (NEW). This course has 40 video lessons on the basics of piano.

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How To Play Piano
Andrew Furmanczyk in Lesson 8: Minor Scales: Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 The Basics (24:41) Play Video
2 Semi Tones & Whole Tones (20:15) Play Video
3 Chords (21:40) Play Video
4 Time Signatures and Note Values (28:53) Play Video
5 Music Theory: Notes and Clefs (25:24) Play Video
6 Music Theory: Intervals, Signs, Staccato and Legato (27:37) Play Video
7 The Functions of a Grand Piano (27:35) Play Video
8 Minor Scales: Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales (19:06) Play Video
9 Drawing Circle of Fifths (Circle of Keys) (26:26) Play Video
10 Chromatic and Pentatonic Scales (14:04) Play Video
11 How To Learn a New Song For Any Instrument (30:08) Play Video
12 How To Play Chords Fast: Chromatic Chords (20:38) Play Video
13 Music Theory: Transposition (17:28) Play Video
14 Music Theory: Beats, Time Signatures and Rests (27:14) Play Video
15 Music Theory: Scale Degrees, Tonic & Dominate (22:21) Play Video
16 Ear Training (23:26) Play Video
17 Pianist Posture (23:50) Play Video
18 How to Play the Piano in a Relaxed Way (26:57) Play Video
19 How To Sight Read Music Sheets (22:03) Play Video
20 Rhythm & Clapping: More Advanced Rhythm, Beats & Clapping Play Video
21 Arpeggio Pattern (20:55) Play Video
22 The Art of Trills and Ornamentation: Turns, Trills & Mordants (23:29) Play Video
23 Expressing Emotion in Music (15:25) Play Video
24 Metronomes (23:49) Play Video
25 Music History: The General History of Music from 1600-Present (32:52) Play Video
26 Polyrhythms (12:42) Play Video
27 Cadences (19:02) Play Video
28 Basic Modulation (19:23) Play Video
29 Fur Elise Tutorial (30:08) Play Video
30 Music Theory: Basic Harmony Rules (25:59) Play Video
31 Structure in Music: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Binary, Rounded Binary, Ternary Form (15:40) Play Video
32 Playing Eyes Closed: Leaps, Jumps & Hops (22:29) Play Video
33 Alberti Bass Pattern: How To Play Broken Chords (21:36) Play Video
34 Hanon Method (26:05) Play Video
35 Formula Patterns & Scales in 6th's & 3rd's (24:22) Play Video
36 How To Perform (21:40) Play Video
37 Teaching Kids Piano (29:37) Play Video
38 Rolling Chords on Piano (15:39) Play Video
39 Pedaling (32:44) Play Video
40 Review of the Course (39:11) Play Video


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josh wrote 10 years ago.
Am a beginner, i will be very much happy to see lectures for

adedeji adesola wrote 10 years ago.
music is good for the world

Ladpiano wrote 11 years ago.
Hi Andrew :br>
I am presently taking piano lessons with a piano teacher,
but feel I need additional instruction. I am really enjoying
your piano lessons and find your instruction very helpful
and easy to follow. I took lessons years ago, but sort of
gave up for a time. I decided to go back to the piano again
a little later in life and have really discovered my passion
once again. As you stated "love" the instrument
you are playing as it really makes a difference in your
progress. I am looking forward to more lessons here. Thanks.

eze wrote 12 years ago.
i will like u to to send me some piano lecture downloads.

rocketpiano wrote 12 years ago.
Thanks for your post, this is very useful and helpful. I
must know it. I myself is a product of this kind. I was so
scared with my piano teacher so I asked my mom to stop the
lesson. Then a friend of mom gave us this link; href=""
It really helped me, now I can play like a pro.

tnice carter wrote 12 years ago.
i will be very happy 2 learn the piano; after ur lecture

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