Illumination Engineering

Course Description

In this course, Prof. N. K. Kishore gives 20 video lectures on the concepts of Illumination Engineering. Please visit the following link for more information on this course:

Topics covered are:

Radiation, Color, Eye & Vision, Different Entities of Illuminating Systems, Light Sources: Daylight, Incandescent, Electric Discharge, Fluorescent, Arc Lamps and Lasers; Luminaries, Wiring, Switching & Control Circuits;

Laws of Illumination, Illumination from Point, Line and Surface Sources; Photometry and Spectrophotometry; Photocells, Environment and Glare, General Illumination Design, Interior Lighting: Industrial, Residential, Office Departmental Stores, Indoor Stadium, Theater and Hospitals; Exterior Lighting: Flood, Street, Aviation and Transport Lighting; Lighting for Displays and Signaling: Neon Signs, LED-LCD Displays Beacons and Lighting for Surveillance;

Utility Services for Large Building/Office Complex & Layout of Different Meters and Protection Units; Different Type of Loads and Their Individual Protections, Selection of Cable/Wire Sizes, Potential Sources of Fire Hazards and Precautions, Emergency Supply: Standby & UPS, A Specific Design Problem on This Aspect;

Illumination Engineering

Prof. N. K. Kishore in Lecture 3: Eye and Vision I.
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