Industrial Instrumentation

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Basic terminologies (range, span, settling time dead zone, input impedance...........),
1st order and second order instruments with step, ramp and sinusoidal input/ output characteristics,
Strain gauge,derivation of gauge factor, strain gauge rosette, unbalanced wheatstone bridge,
Link type load cell, beam type load cell, ring type load cell and their sensitivities, Frequency response of link type load cell, Torque cell and its data transmission (slip ring and radio telemetry),
LVDT, phase compensation, phase sensitive demodulation, thermistor and its linearization,
RTD, its construction, three wire and four wire method Muller bridge,
Thermocouple, their relative comparism, cold junction compensation using AD590, grounded thermocouple,
potentiometer as displacement sensor, Capacitance as displacement and level transducer, push pull arrangement,
Pressure transducer [Bourdon gauge, diaphragm gauge (metal and semiconductor) etc], all vacuum gauges,
photo electric transducer and its application, Liquid in glass thermometer,
pressure spring thermometer, venturimeter, Orifice meter, pitot tube, Rotameter, Weir, electromagnetic flowmeter, Hot wire anemometer, its phase compensation and expression of volumetric flow rate or velocity in each case,
Variable reluctance displacement sensor, tachogenerator, turbine flowmeter.
Measurement of viscosity, conductivity and pH of a liquid.
Flapper nozzle system and Control Valves.

Industrial Instrumentation

Prof. Alok Barua in Lecture 36: Chromatography II.

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 Dynamic Characteristics (Part 1) Play Video
3 Dynamic Characteristics (Part 2) Play Video
4 Strain Gauge Play Video
5 Load Cell Play Video
6 Torque Measurement Play Video
7 Thermistor Play Video
8 Thermocouples Play Video
9 Resistance Temperature Detector Play Video
10 LVDT Play Video
11 Capacitance Transducers Play Video
12 Flowmeter (Part 1) Play Video
13 Flowmeter (Part 2) Play Video
14 Flowmeter (Part 3) Play Video
15 Flowmeter (Part 4) Play Video
16 Flowmeter (Part 5) Play Video
17 Problems on Temperature Sensors Play Video
18 Pressure Sensors Play Video
19 Low Pressure Measurement Play Video
20 pH and Viscosity Measurement Play Video
21 Problem and Solutions On Industrial Instrumentation Play Video
22 Signal Conditioning Circuits (Part 1) Play Video
23 Signal Conditioning Circuits (Part 2) Play Video
24 Piezoelectric Sensors Play Video
25 Ultrasonic Sensors Play Video
26 Nucleonic Instrumentation Play Video
27 Measurement Of Magnetic Field Play Video
28 Optoelectronic Sensor (Part 1) Play Video
29 Optoelectronic Sensor (Part 2) Play Video
30 Synchro Play Video
31 Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (Part 1) Play Video
32 Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (Part 2) Play Video
33 Flapper: Nozzle Play Video
34 Smart Sensors Play Video
35 Chromatography (Part 1) Play Video
36 Chromatography (Part 2) Play Video
37 Pollution Measurement Play Video
38 Control Valve (Part 1) Play Video
39 Control Valve (Part 2) Play Video
40 Signal Conditioning Integrated Circuits Play Video


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sabas wrote 10 years ago.
I want to know about industrial Instrument

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Ashok wrote 12 years ago.
sir why you didinot deliever level measurment lecture.i am
tomuch instereted to listen all vedio but i search on your
lecture i did not found any lecture related level pl arrange
like that.
than you

rehan arshad wrote 12 years ago.
Respected sir,
i will request to you that arrange a video leature about
prectical calibration of different types of instrumentation.
rehan arshad

sivakumar wrote 12 years ago.
high voltage engineering notes are required. please provide

nikhil mathew wrote 13 years ago.
sir, please arrange a video lecture of calibration of

thanking you...


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