Intermediate German with Jenny: B1 Level

Course Description

In this series of 109 video lessons, we learn German at the intermediate level with our friendly instructor, Jenny.

The content in this series offers you all you'd need to know to pass a Level B1 German language test. Some of the videos in this series also covers Level B2 material. If you are interested in worksheets to practice your skills and get more preparation for the test, visit Jenny's official website and donate to support her great work. Worksheets are available on her website for her fans and supporters.

Intermediate German with Jenny: B1 Level
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 The Difference Between "anrufen" and "telefonieren" Play Video
2 Listening Comprehension: Coffee Play Video
3 How to Say "I'll let you know!" - German Verbs and Useful Phrases Play Video
4 How to Say "Shit" in German Play Video
5 The Car Parts Play Video
6 Vlog #1 - Zürich - Hörverstehen Play Video
7 15 Funny German Words Play Video
8 Time is Money! - German Vocab and Useful Phrases Play Video
9 How to Say: "Where's the bathroom?" - German Vocab and Useful Phrases Play Video
10 Funny German Expressions Using the Word Pig - Vocab and Expressions Play Video
11 How to Say "Did You Know... ?" - Subordinate Conjunctions Play Video
12 The Difference Between "holen" and "bekommen" Play Video
13 The Difference Between "mitbringen" and "mitnehmen" - German Verbs Play Video
14 How to Say "I am taking a picture" Play Video
15 How to Say "I'm busy" and "I'm stressed" Play Video
16 How to Say "I am on Vacation" - German Vocab and Useful Phrases Play Video
17 Verbs Related to Clothing & Fashion - Reflexive and Separable Verbs Play Video
18 Expressions of Time - Part 1: Vocab, Phrases and Listening -B2 Play Video
19 Expressions of Time - Part 2: Seconds, Minutes & Hours Play Video
20 How to Say "I'm in love", "I'm engaged", "I'm divorced" and more Play Video
21 How to Say "I Feel like Doing Something" Play Video
22 How to Say "Really?!" - Useful Everyday Phrases Play Video
23 25 Verbs with the Prefix "Ver-" Play Video
24 How to Say "I'll be late!" - German Expressions Play Video
25 How to Say "I would like to make an appointment" Play Video
26 German Joke 1 Play Video
27 How to Say "Who's responsible here?" and more Play Video
28 How to Say "not yet", "nothing yet", "anything" and "still not" Play Video
29 How to Say "Something Came Up" Play Video
30 How to Say "Have you ever...?" Play Video
31 How to Say "I'm Pretty Sure That..." Play Video
32 How to Say "Are you serious!? Play Video
33 How to Say "I don't care" Play Video
34 How to Say "I need to cancel my appointment" - "stornieren" vs. "absagen" Play Video
35 How to Say "Don't Forget This!" and "Remember To Do That" Play Video
36 How to Say "I have to lose weight!" - Phrases and Listening Comprehension Play Video
37 Apartment Hunting - Phrases & Listening Comprehension Play Video
38 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 1: "mit" Play Video
39 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 2: "mit" - B2 Play Video
40 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 3: Verbs with the Preposition "von" Play Video
41 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 4: "bei" Play Video
42 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 5: "für" Play Video
43 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 6: "auf" Play Video
44 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 7: "über" Play Video
45 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 8: "an" Play Video
46 Verbs with Prepositions - Part 9: "zu" Play Video
47 How to Say "I'm bored" - Vocab + Listening Play Video
48 15 Emotions - Expressing Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Shock and Disappointment Play Video
49 2 Important Verbs - "klappen" vs "schaffen" Play Video
50 How to Say "I have to run errands!" - Phrases & Listening Comprehension Play Video
51 How to Say "I got my hair cut!" - Vocab & Listening Comprehension Play Video
52 2 Important Adverbs - "unbedingt" vs. "nicht unbedingt" Play Video
53 3 Important Verbs - dauern - brauchen - gehen - Vocab & Listening Play Video
54 How to Say "I'm Worried!" - Vocab & Phrases Play Video
55 Important German Adverb - trotzdem Play Video
56 How to Make Compliments - Useful German Phrases Play Video
57 The Difference Between "Es gibt..." & "Es sind..." Play Video
58 The Difference Between "beide" and "beides" Play Video
59 The Verb "schenken" - Giving Presents! Play Video
60 How to Say "Can You Give Me a Ride?" - Useful Vocab & Phrases Play Video
61 How to Say "I'm in a bad mood!" Play Video
62 How to Say "I Need to Remember This!" Play Video
63 How to Say "Can You Remind Me?" Play Video
64 How to Say "You Look Great" - Separable Verbs Play Video
65 25 Adverbs of Manner Play Video
66 The Verb "to continue" Play Video
67 The Verb "to pay" - Useful Phrases & Listening Comprehension Play Video
68 The Verb "to finish" Play Video
69 The Verb "to think" Play Video
70 The Adverb "even" Play Video
71 The Verb "to use" Play Video
72 Vlog #2 - Heidelberg - Hörverstehen Play Video
73 merken ∙ bemerken ∙ anmerken ∙ auffallen Play Video
74 sodass vs. damit Play Video
75 I've had enough!!! Play Video
76 Too Big For Me, Too Loud For Me, Too Complicated For Me Play Video
77 nach ∙ nachdem ∙ nachher ∙ danach - How to Say "after" in German Play Video
78 anders ∙ verschieden ∙ unterschiedlich Play Video
79 BONUS SCENE - Being Different - Listening Comprehension Play Video
80 Vlog #3 - München - Hörverstehen Play Video
81 It's over!!! - vorbeikommen ∙ vorbeilassen ∙ vorbeigehen Play Video
82 Remember that! - auswendig können/lernen ∙ sich merken ∙ sich einprägen Play Video
83 Da-Compounds - Part 1: dafür - damit - darauf Play Video
84 Da Compounds - Part 2: damit - 25 Examples Play Video
85 Da Compounds - Part 3: dafür - 30 Examples Play Video
86 Da Compounds - Part 4: darauf - 19 Examples - STARRING JULIA + SASCHA Play Video
87 Da Compounds - Part 5: Anticipatory Da-Compounds Play Video
88 Wo-Compounds - Part 1: womit - worauf - wofür Play Video
89 Separable Prefixes #1: ab Play Video
90 Separable Prefixes #2: ab Play Video
91 You're on the right track! - der Weg vs. weg Play Video
92 I needed a break! - Vocab + Listening Comprehension Play Video
93 38 Extremely Useful Everyday Phrases - The Verb "bleiben" Play Video
94 Colloquial German - kriegen ∙ hinkriegen ∙ mitkriegen ∙ zukriegen Play Video
95 Infinitive Clauses - Theory + Listening Comprehension Play Video
96 Verbs + Infinitives without "zu" - lassen - stehen - bleiben - gehen Play Video
97 Expressions of Time - Part 3: Viertelstunde ∙ Dreiviertelstunde Play Video
98 Vlog #4 - London - 1. Tag - Hörverstehen Play Video
99 Vlog #5 - London - 2. Tag - Hörverstehen Play Video
100 Vlog #6 - London & Cambridge - 3. + 4. Tag - Hörverstehen Play Video
101 If I were you... - Konjunktiv 2 - Gegenwart vs. Vergangenheit Play Video
102 I'm Only Pretending! - so tun als ob - Konjunktiv 2 Play Video
103 Dialogues - In Urlaub fahren - Vocab & Listening Comprehension Play Video
104 I'll Get in Touch with You! - sich melden - Reflexive Verbs Play Video
105 I'm on the Verge of Tears! - kurz davor sein, etwas zu tun Play Video
106 Sherins Abenteuer und Kurzgeschichten - Hörverstehen Play Video
107 Can I ask you a favor? - jemandem einen Gefallen tun Play Video
108 "I don't drink, unless..." - es sei denn - außer wenn Play Video
109 I got used to it... - sich an etwas gewöhnen - gewohnt vs. gewöhnt Play Video


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