Introduction to C Programming by TheNewBoston

Course Description

A friendly introduction to C programming through 58 video tutorials by TheNewBoston's Bucky Roberts.

Introduction to C Programming by TheNewBoston
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to C Programming (5:15) Play Video
2 Setting Up Code Blocks (6:38) Play Video
3 How Computer Programs Work (4:52) Play Video
4 Print Text on the Screen (3:33) Play Video
5 Comments (3:29) Play Video
6 Conversion Characters (6:47) Play Video
7 Variables (7:49) Play Video
8 String Terminator (5:22) Play Video
9 I Need Arrays (5:47) Play Video
10 Creating a Header File (9:52) Play Video
11 Getting Input with scanf (7:38) Play Video
12 Math Operators (5:12) Play Video
13 Cats Love Bagels (4:59) Play Video
14 Calculating the Average Age (5:31) Play Video
15 How to Calculate Interest (5:02) Play Video
16 Typecasting (5:36) Play Video
17 Making Decisions Using if Statements (7:54) Play Video
18 Nesting if Statements (4:46) Play Video
19 if else (4:42) Play Video
20 What about more than two choices? (8:48) Play Video
21 Dont Beat Up Little Kids (5:45) Play Video
22 or (5:45) Play Video
23 Shorthand if else (10:06) Play Video
24 Increment Operator (6:58) Play Video
25 while Loops (8:29) Play Video
26 do while Loops (10:43) Play Video
27 for Loop (5:20) Play Video
28 How to Make a Table (4:35) Play Video
29 break (6:27) Play Video
30 continue (4:48) Play Video
31 switch (7:31) Play Video
32 A Few Cool Character Functions (5:45) Play Video
33 isupper and Challenge #1! (3:19) Play Video
34 strcat and strcpy (9:06) Play Video
35 puts and gets (6:16) Play Video
36 Rounding Numbers (4:13) Play Video
37 Absolute Value with abs (6:21) Play Video
38 Random Number Generator with rand (6:09) Play Video
39 int and float Arrays (8:09) Play Video
40 Why I am Banned from Fantasy Hockey (12:38) Play Video
41 Sorting Arrays (12:13) Play Video
42 Pointers (9:56) Play Video
43 Dereference Pointer (4:54) Play Video
44 Arrays and Pointers (9:49) Play Video
45 Strings and Pointers (6:45) Play Video
46 Problems with String Lengths (3:49) Play Video
47 The Heap (7:04) Play Video
48 Creating an Expandable Program using the Heap (8:02) Play Video
49 Structures (10:29) Play Video
50 Writing Files in C (8:23) Play Video
51 How to Read Files (7:18) Play Video
52 Append to File (3:15) Play Video
53 Random File Access (8:40) Play Video
54 Functions (8:23) Play Video
55 Global vs Local Variables (3:37) Play Video
56 Passing Arguments to Functions (6:20) Play Video
57 Return Values (7:14) Play Video
58 Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value (8:12) Play Video


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