Introduction to General Philosophy

Course Description

A series of short easy-to-understand lectures delivered by Peter Millican to first-year philosophy students at the University of Oxford. The lectures comprise the 8-week General Philosophy course and were delivered in late 2009.

Slides for all his lectures can be found here:

In 2005 Dr Peter Millican was appointed as Gilbert Ryle Fellow in Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford (though for two years he was shared with Oriel College). In 2007 he was promoted to Reader in Early Modern Philosophy. From 2005 until 2010, he was Co-Editor of the journal Hume Studies. Hume's philosophy has indeed been the main focus of his research, though he continue to work also in Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Language and of Religion. His teaching at Oxford is also quite varied, including General Philosophy, Formal Logic, History of Philosophy, Epistemology and Metaphysics, Logic and Language, and Philosophy of Religion.

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These lectures are provided under a Creative Commons License:
Introduction to General Philosophy
Course is delivered by Oxford professor and philosopher Peter Millican. Find out more about Prof. Millican at:
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 An Introduction to General Philosophy (5:55) Play Video
2 The Birth of Modern Philosophy (15:56) Play Video
3 From Aristotle to Galileo (18:14) Play Video
4 The Birth of the Early Modern Period: From Galileo to Descartes (10:49) Play Video
5 Recap of General Philosophy Lecture 1 (5:50) Play Video
6 Introduction to Thomas Hobbes (11:35) Play Video
7 Robert Boyle's Corpuscularian Theory (6:21) Play Video
8 Isaac Newton and Instrumentalism (7:58) Play Video
9 Introduction to John Locke (12:16) Play Video
10 George Berkeley and Idealism (9:31) Play Video
11 Introduction to David Hume (19:36) Play Video
12 David Hume: Concluding Remarks (10:35) Play Video
13 The Problem of Induction (23:00) Play Video
14 Scepticism of the External World (8:48) Play Video
15 Possible Answers to Scepticism of the External World (9:09) Play Video
16 Introduction to Cartesian Dualism (22:13) Play Video
17 Modern Responses to Dualism (10:56) Play Video
18 Introduction to Knowledge (10:32) Play Video
19 The Traditional Analysis of Knowledge (16:39) Play Video
20 Gettier and Other Complications (14:49) Play Video
21 Scepticism, Externalism and the Ethics of Belief (12:33) Play Video
22 Introduction to Primary and Secondary Qualities (14:33) Play Video
23 Problems with Resemblance (10:56) Play Video
24 Abstraction and Idealism (10:18) Play Video
25 Making Sense of Perception (16:38) Play Video
26 Free Will, Determinism and Choice (18:49) Play Video
27 Different Concepts of Freedom (14:06) Play Video
28 Hume on Liberty and Necessity (10:05) Play Video
29 Making Sense of Free Will and Moral Responsibility (9:49) Play Video


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