Introduction to German with Jenny: A1 Level

Course Description

In this series of 56 video lessons, learn the absolute basics about the German language with your friendly instructor, Jenny.

The content in this series offers you all you'd need to know to pass a Level A1 German language test. If you are interested in worksheets to practice your skills and get more preparation for the test, visit Jenny's official website and donate to support her great work. Worksheets are available on her website for her fans and supporters.

Introduction to German with Jenny: A1 Level
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 15 Words for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Play Video
2 How to Introduce Yourself in German Play Video
3 The ABC Play Video
4 The German 'r' Play Video
5 Regular Verbs Play Video
6 Asking Questions with Regular Verbs Play Video
7 15 Useful Phrases for Absolute Beginners Play Video
8 Talking About Your Profession Play Video
9 Mini Dialogues - Listening Comprehension Play Video
10 Beginner Phrases - Das ist/Das sind Play Video
11 Stem-Changing Verbs Play Video
12 Dogs Play Video
13 The Days of the Week Play Video
14 Household and Electronic Appliances Play Video
15 Numbers from 1-20 Play Video
16 Rooms in a House Play Video
17 25 Ways to Say Goodbye Play Video
18 Pronouncing the Letter "V" Play Video
19 Pronouncing the Letter Z Play Video
20 The Body Parts Play Video
21 How to Pronounce The German Umlaute Play Video
22 Pronouncing äu eu Play Video
23 The Verb "to have" Play Video
24 The verb "to be" Play Video
25 The Verb "to eat" Play Video
26 Pronouncing "ch" and "sch" Play Video
27 Definite Articles - der Play Video
28 Definite Articles - die Play Video
29 - Definite Articles - das Play Video
30 Listening Comprehension for Beginners: Winter Talk Play Video
31 The Nominative Case - Part 1: Personal Pronouns Play Video
32 The Nominative Case - Part 2: Possessive Pronouns Play Video
33 The Accusative Case - Part 1: The Direct Object Play Video
34 The Accusative Case - Part 2: Personal Pronouns Play Video
35 The Accusative Case - Part 3: Prepositions Play Video
36 The Accusative Case - Part 4: Possessive Pronouns Play Video
37 Wie findest du das? - Review: Accusative Case Play Video
38 How to Say "Thank You" in German - German Vocab and Useful Phrases Play Video
39 "How to Say I'm Hungry" - German Vocab and Useful Expressions Play Video
40 German for Beginners - Surviving in Germany Play Video
41 How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German Play Video
42 Summer Vocabulary Play Video
43 How to Say "You're Welcome" Play Video
44 How to Say "Have a nice weekend" Play Video
45 Die Auslautverhärtung - Vocab & Phonetics Play Video
46 Start Deutsch 1 Oral Exam - Part 1 - Goethe Institute - Prep Play Video
47 Start Deutsch 1 Oral Exam - Part 2 - Goethe Institute - Prep Play Video
48 Regular Verbs - "Special Rules" Play Video
49 The Dative Case - Part 1: The Indirect Object - Definite Articles Play Video
50 The Dative Case - Part 2: The Indirect Object - Indefinite Articles Play Video
51 The Dative Case - Part 3: Personal Pronouns Play Video
52 The Dative Case - Part 4: Expressions Play Video
53 The Dative Case - Part 5: Possessive Pronouns Play Video
54 The Dative Case - Part 6: Prepositions Play Video
55 The Dative Case - Part 7: Dative Verbs Play Video
56 The Difference Between "Wo", "Woher" and "Wohin" Play Video


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