Introduction to German with Jenny: A2 Level

Course Description

In this series of 94 video lessons, learn the absolute basics about the German language with your friendly instructor, Jenny.

The content in this series offers you all you'd need to know to pass a Level A2 German language test. Some of the videos in this series also covers Level B1 material. If you are interested in worksheets to practice your skills and get more preparation for the test, visit Jenny's official website and donate to support her great work. Worksheets are available on her website for her fans and supporters.

Introduction to German with Jenny: A2 Level
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 How to Say "I'm tired" - Vocab and Phrases Play Video
2 The Verb "Can" Play Video
3 Mobility Play Video
4 Separable Verbs - Present Tense Play Video
5 Word Order - Part 1: Position of Main Verbs in Main Clauses Play Video
6 Word Order - Part 2: Questions Play Video
7 Word Order - Part 3: Time Manner Place Play Video
8 Word Order - Part 4: Direct & Indirect Objects Play Video
9 The Verb "to come" Play Video
10 The Verb "sagen" Play Video
11 kein vs. nicht Play Video
12 How to Say "I don't have time" in German Play Video
13 How to Say "I'm going home" Play Video
14 How to Use the Verb "dabeihaben" Play Video
15 How to Say "Do you have...?" Play Video
16 The Verb 'to sleep' Play Video
17 The Verbs "to hear" vs. "to listen" / B1 Play Video
18 ennen vs. wissen | sich auskennen Play Video
19 frühstücken ∙ zu Mittag essen ∙ zu Abend essen Play Video
20 How to Say "I don't know" and "No idea" - German Vocab + Expressions Play Video
21 How to Say "How was your weekend?" and more useful phrases Play Video
22 The Difference Between "schon" and "schön" Play Video
23 ow To Use "anymore" in a Sentence Play Video
24 How to Say "This is Fun!" Play Video
25 25 Useful Everyday Phrases Play Video
26 The Preposition "bei" Play Video
27 How to Say "I Need to Improve My German!" Play Video
28 Job Vocab, Phrases & Listening Comprehension Play Video
29 How to Say "I'm going to someone's place" and "I'm at someone's place" Play Video
30 "in" vs. "nach" vs. "zu" - German Prepositions Play Video
31 Listening Comprehension: Mysterious Yellow Ball Play Video
32 "to be" in the Preterite Tense - Conjugation & Phrases Play Video
33 How to Say "I like to..." - German Vocab and Useful Expressions Play Video
34 How to Say "I Would Like To..." Play Video
35 How to Express Pain Play Video
36 The Perfect Tense - Part 1: Regular Verbs Play Video
37 The Perfect Tense - Part 2: Verbs of Movement Play Video
38 The Perfect Tense - Part 3: Separable Verbs Play Video
39 How to Say "I Bought Myself..." Play Video
40 30 Excuses for Being Late - Simple German Sentences Play Video
41 111 English Words in the German Language Play Video
42 How To Say "This is not working" Play Video
43 How-Questions - wie lange, wie spät, wie viel, wie hoch Play Video
44 When-Questions - wann, seit wann, bis wann, ab wann Play Video
45 Come visit me! - The Verb "besuchen" - Vocab + Listen Play Video
46 The Genitive Case - Part 1: Definite Articles Play Video
47 The Genitive Case - Part 2: Indefinite Articles Play Video
48 Listening Comprehension: 100 Things Jenny Likes and Doesn't Like Play Video
49 "if" and "when" - als, wenn, ob, wann Play Video
50 The Top 100 German Verbs Play Video
51 Two Way Prepositions - Dative OR Accusative Play Video
52 - The Difference between "sich setzen" and "sitzen" Play Video
53 How to Say "Happy New Year" Play Video
54 to get on, in, out, off a bus, train, car... / B1 Play Video
55 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 1: weil - dass - ob Play Video
56 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 2: wenn - bevor - damit - obwohl Play Video
57 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 3: wann - wo - was - wer - wie Play Video
58 Studying in Germany: Part 1 - Essential Vocab & Phrases Play Video
59 Studying in Germany: Part 2 - "studieren" vs. "lernen" Play Video
60 Flying: Vocabulary, Useful Phrases and Listening Comprehension -B2 Play Video
61 Sleeping: Vocab, Phrases and Listening Comprehension -B2 Play Video
62 How to Say "Happy Easter" - Explaining Easter Holiday Traditions Play Video
63 Adverbs of Time - Part 1: Syntax Play Video
64 Adverbs of Time - Part 2: morgens ∙ mittags ∙ abends ∙ nachts Play Video
65 Adverbs of Time - Part 3: seit ∙ lang ∙ vor Play Video
66 Adverbs of Time - Part 4: "her" vs. "vor" (ago) Play Video
67 Adverbs of Time - Part 5: für ∙ schon lange ∙ seit langem Play Video
68 Adverbs of Time - Part 6: eben ∙ gerade ∙ gleich Play Video
69 My Only Chance!!! - nur ∙ bloß ∙ lediglich ∙ erst ∙ einzig Play Video
70 I'm disappointed... - enttäuscht ∙ enttäuschend ∙ Enttäuschung Play Video
71 Eine Woche ohne Internet - Book Review: Reading + Listening Play Video
72 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 4: Useful Phrases Play Video
73 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 5: Phrases with "dass"-clauses Play Video
74 Asking Questions - Mit wem? Play Video
75 50 Adjectives & Opposites Play Video
76 Listening Comprehension - Im Wald Play Video
77 There was/were - Es gab - Perfekt vs. Präteritum Play Video
78 Adjective Endings - Nominative - Definite and Indefinite Articles Play Video
79 Adjective Endings - Accusative - Definite and Indefinite Articles Play Video
80 Adjective Endings - Dative - Definite and Indefinite Articles Play Video
81 Adjective Endings - Genitive - Definite and Indefinite Articles Play Video
82 QUIZ! - Adjective Endings - Definite & Indefinite Articles - ALL CASES Play Video
83 I Need New Ones! - Adjectives Used as Nouns Play Video
84 At the Pharmacy - In der Apotheke - Vocab & Listening Comprehension Play Video
85 Colloquial German - This Makes Me Wanna PUKE! - Vocab + Listening Play Video
86 Vielleicht... Eventuell... Möglicherweise... Mag sein... Kann sein... Play Video
87 Making suggestions - Dialogues on the Street Play Video
88 to start - to stop - anfangen - aufhören Play Video
89 I'm all alone! - ganz allein Play Video
90 Jenny is looking for an apartment in Berlin - Vocab & Listening Play Video
91 The Verb 'to practice' - Vocab + Listening Comprehension Play Video
92 He Lied to Me... But the Truth Will Come out! - lügen - anlügen Play Video
93 als vs. wie - Comparisons in German Play Video
94 Subordinating Conjunctions - Part 6: selbst wenn Play Video


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