MATLAB Programming for Numerical Computation

Course Description

MATLAB is a popular language for numerical computation. This course introduces students to MATLAB programming, and demonstrate it’s use for scientific computations. The basis of computational techniques are expounded through various coding examples and problems, and practical ways to use MATLAB will be discussed.

The objective of this course is to introduce undergraduate students to computational methods using MATLAB. At the end of this course, a student would:
- Learn basics of MATLAB programming
- Get introduced to numerical methods for engineering problems
- Will be able to use MATLAB to solve computational problems

Course Introduction Video

MATLAB Programming for Numerical Computation
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Getting Started with MATLAB Play Video
2 Arrays & Matrix Operations in MATLAB Play Video
3 Array Operations in MATLAB Play Video
4 Loops in MATLAB Play Video
5 Working With Files: Script & Functions Play Video
6 Plotting and Output in MATLAB Play Video
7 Errors in Numerical Computation Play Video
8 Truncation and Roundoff Errors Play Video
9 Round-Off Errors and Iterative Methods Play Video
10 Step-wise Methods & Error Propagation Play Video
11 Numerical Differentiation in MATLAB Play Video
12 Higher Order Differentiation Formulae Play Video
13 Partial Derivatives in MATLAB Play Video
14 Numerical Integration in MATLAB Play Video
15 Multiple Applications of Integration Formulae Play Video
16 In Build MATLAB Integration Functions Play Video
17 Basics of Linear Algebra Play Video
18 Gauss Elimination and Back Substitution Play Video
19 LU Decomposition and Partial Pivoting Play Video
20 Gauss Siedel Method Play Video
21 How to Solve Linear Equations Play Video
22 Nonlinear Equations in Single Variable Play Video
23 Using MATLAB command fzero Play Video
24 Tri Diagonal Matrix Algorithm Play Video
25 Fixed Point Iteration in Single Variable Play Video
26 Newton Raphson Method Play Video
27 Using MATLAB command fsolve Play Video
28 Newton Raphson | Lorenz equation Play Video
29 Overview of Regression and Interpolation Play Video
30 Linear Least Squares Regression Play Video
31 Nonlinear and Functional Regression Play Video
32 Interpolation Functions in MATLAB Play Video
33 Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations & Euler's Method Play Video
34 Runge Kutta RK 2 method Play Video
35 MATLAB ode45 Algorithm Play Video
36 Higher Order Runge Kutta Methods Play Video
37 Error Analysis Play Video
38 Multi Variable ODE | Damped Mass-Spring System Play Video
39 Stiff Systems & Solution using ode15s Play Video
40 Method of Lines for transient PDEs Play Video
41 Code to Compute Trajectory of a Cricket Ball | ODE-IVP Play Video


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i need this lecture to complete my thesis
thank u

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