Introduction to Objective-C by TheNewBoston

Course Description

This is a series of 65 video lessons on Objective-C, the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems. Instructor Bucky Roberts walks you through the basics of Objective-C, covering how to setup your programming environment, syntax, control structures, and more.

Introduction to Objective-C by TheNewBoston
Objective-C is the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems, and their respective application programming interfaces (APIs), Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Setting up Xcode (6:27) Play Video
2 Explaining the Program (8:36) Play Video
3 Variables (8:35) Play Video
4 Interface (8:09) Play Video
5 Implementation (6:14) Play Video
6 Creating an Object (10:00) Play Video
7 Creating Multiple Objects (4:20) Play Video
8 Accessing Instance Variables (6:59) Play Video
9 Data Types and Other Stuff (8:15) Play Video
10 int and float Conversions (6:13) Play Video
11 Type Casting and Assignment Operators (7:35) Play Video
12 Intro to Looping (6:43) Play Video
13 scanf and increment operators (6:41) Play Video
14 Nested for Loops (6:31) Play Video
15 while Loops (8:23) Play Video
16 do Statements (7:16) Play Video
17 if else (8:37) Play Video
18 Useful if else Program (6:42) Play Video
19 Nested if Statements (8:45) Play Video
20 else if Statements (7:41) Play Video
21 switch (8:27) Play Video
22 Conditional Operator (6:37) Play Video
23 Seperating Files (6:31) Play Video
24 Running the New Program (7:10) Play Video
25 Synthesized Accessor Methods (7:34) Play Video
26 How young of a chick can I date? (4:27) Play Video
27 But what if I'm a millionaire? (5:14) Play Video
28 Inheritance (7:41) Play Video
29 My Mom (9:08) Play Video
30 Starting the Rectangle Class (7:18) Play Video
31 Finishing the Rectangle Class (6:01) Play Video
32 OMG, a Square Class?! (8:20) Play Video
33 Making steve the Square (6:41) Play Video
34 Creating a Point class (6:26) Play Video
35 Enhancing the Rectangle class (6:17) Play Video
36 Running the Brand New Point Program (7:03) Play Video
37 Overriding Methods (8:52) Play Video
38 New Instance Variables and Abstract Classes (4:58) Play Video
39 Introduction to Polymorphism (7:47) Play Video
40 Running a Polymorphic Program (5:28) Play Video
41 Dynamic Binding and id (6:23) Play Video
42 Error / Exception Handling (7:29) Play Video
43 Directives for Controlling Scope (5:40) Play Video
44 External / Global Variables (6:55) Play Video
45 Static Variables (6:14) Play Video
46 Enumerated Data Types (3:36) Play Video
47 Enum Program (6:29) Play Video
48 Categories (7:46) Play Video
49 #define Statement (7:35) Play Video
50 #import Statement (7:30) Play Video
51 Introduction to Number Objects (8:29) Play Video
52 Number Object Methods (5:50) Play Video
53 String Objects (7:34) Play Video
54 Substrings and Ranges (9:02) Play Video
55 Mutable Strings (8:32) Play Video
56 Finishing Mutable Strings (6:32) Play Video
57 Introduction to Arrays (7:11) Play Video
58 Mutable Arrays (8:45) Play Video
59 Dictionary Objects (6:35) Play Video
60 Working with Files (8:53) Play Video
61 Copy and Rename Files (7:16) Play Video
62 Working with File Attributes (6:04) Play Video
63 Deleting and Printing Files (6:17) Play Video
64 Working with Directories (6:27) Play Video
65 Read and Write Files (9:17) Play Video


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