Introduction to Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets)

Course Description

A series of Sass tutorials showing the installing of, the basics, and using key features. The advanced series shows you more in depth features that Sass offers. The Compass series will cover how using Compass in your projects can save you time and extend Sass and CSS even further.

Some source files are located here:

Introduction to Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets)
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 How to Install Sass (6:49) Play Video
2 The Basics of Variables in Sass (8:45) Play Video
3 Nesting Your Sass (6:39) Play Video
4 Using Mixins (6:21) Play Video
5 Selector Inheritance (3:37) Play Video
6 Creating Configurable Shapes Using Mixins (9:58) Play Video
7 @Import & Parent Reference (4:03) Play Video
8 Using Lists and @each (6:05) Play Video
9 Nth Function In Lists (5:14) Play Video
10 Built in Functions (8:05) Play Video
11 Build Your Own Function (3:47) Play Video
12 Build Your Own Function Part 2 - If Else (5:10) Play Video
13 Build Your Own Function Part 3 - Total Automation with Lists (5:29) Play Video
14 Output Style (3:07) Play Video
15 For Loops (4:34) Play Video
16 While Loops (8:23) Play Video
17 Using Live Reload (4:58) Play Video
18 Updating to Sass 3.2.1. Media Mark (1:54) Play Video
19 Placeholder Selectors (4:46) Play Video
20 @Content - Better Media Queries in Sass (6:31) Play Video
21 Extending Sass and Writing a Config file (7:31) Play Video
22 Installing and Using Sass Globbing (9:38) Play Video
23 Installing Singularity Grid System (3:47) Play Video
24 Creating and Using a Symmetrical Grid (9:15) Play Video
25 Asymmetric Grids (6:17) Play Video
26 Responsive Grids With Breakpoint (7:35) Play Video
27 Adding Columns at Breakpoints (8:21) Play Video
28 Selector Functions & Sass 3.4 (6:24) Play Video
29 Juice, Mixins for Life (10:41) Play Video
30 Juice, Mixins for Life Part 2 (11:09) Play Video


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